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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Fresh, Oct 28, 2013.

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    thanks 32vld...good point, so what should I be charging to do an acre with a 48'' toro
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    You missed the point.

    The point is you use the best mower for the job that you have.

    A $60 lawn is a $60 lawn no matter if you take all day to do it with a comb and scissors, 2 hours with a 20" push, 1 hour with a 36" WB, 20 minutes with a 60".

    You do not lower the price because you can get done super fast. You can not charge extra because your equipment is so small it makes you take double or triple the time to get the lawn mowed.

    Next Level:

    You do not run out and buy a 60" mower just so you can get a 1 acre lawn done in 20 minutes.

    You buy a larger mower when you have more work then you are capable of handling.

    You have 20 customers and it just happens that the lawns are not that large and you have 20 hours of mowing time. You do not buy that 60" mower because you just got a 2 acre lawn to cut. So it takes you 4 hours to mow that plot. You still only have 24 hours of work a week.

    Your schedule still has 16 hours of no work time.

    Before you buy a big mower you have to take in many things to consider.

    Such as do you have a hedge trimmer?

    Do you need a bigger trailer?

    You add that bigger mower that trailer may be to small so you may have to upgrade you trailer before you upgrade your mowers.

    Then how are you equipped to do fall clean ups? I will never do a fall clean up again without a powerful backpack blower.

    So you see you can tie up too much money on mowers then not have the money to properly expand the services that you can offer.

    It is hard to get customers.

    If all one does is just lawns then for example sake you need 40 customers. When one has 20 it can be hard to grow that much in one year and reach 40.

    However if you are equipped to hedge trim, clean ups, fert, seed, aerate, lime, clean ups, you have the opportunity to up sell your current clients. So some of those $1,000 a season mowing income can be bumped up to $2,000 or $3,000 a year customers by up selling.
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    So I've been keeping track of time for a while.
    My average lawn takes 23 minutes
    1 minute to get get out of the truck , open the trailer start up and back out the mower
    12 minutes to cut the lawn
    2 minutes to dump the bags-if the grass is growing alot
    6 minutes to trim
    1.5 to 2 minutes to blow the trimming clippings and tire dirt of walkways and driveway.

    Now a larger 1/2 acre prop where I need to trim along the back can add 5 minutes to the trimming and 3 minutes to the cutting.

    So what this showed me is that maybe I should get a helper since the trimming time approaches the lawn cutting time as the property size increases. Still got to run the work comp numbers and other expenses.

    So when pricing a lawn, the trimming time can add up unless you always have a 2nd worker there who will just have less time to do nothing.

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