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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by rowdyz92, Sep 4, 2012.

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    Hi guys just thinking about getting into commercial mowing and I am not sure how to price jobs. Considering that its just me I have to pay, I will buy a 48 to 54 inch zero turn, trimmers, blowers trailer, etc. I just want to figure out if guys are charging by the square foot, the acre, the hour.....? any help suggestions is appreciated Thanks
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    Start with a dollar a min. But you must have the right equipment to stick to that. You can't charge a dollar a min for a acre yard with a 21 incher. With a 48 to 54 you should be good up to 2 acres. Be legit insurance pay taxes and have a business licence. Don't charge less than 35 a yard even if it takes you less than 35 min. Good luck.
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    it's difficult to asnwer this Q, simply becasue of your area,
    here we keep our time at 125.00 per hour. <----- notice the period

    as a provider, you really need your duckies in a roll. as far as color change, irrigation, subs, and vendors. I really dont know your over head, your WC prices there, NOR your employee requirements.

    As a solo gentelman, I would NOT hire you to provide services to any commerical prop's.
    remember the KEY is to get in and get out. this needs to be done Quickly, as not to disturbe the process of the company. a Solo guy cant do this.
    A solo guy prob doesn't have a company profile, and the company is prob not worth much. your profile should outline this.

    best of luck

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