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pricing mulch for beds and seasonal flowers for comercial jobs..


LawnSite Member
birmingham AL
I have a hotel that is wanting seasonal flowers and mulch in the beds.. how do you guys price that.. I have in the past cost x 2 = cost of the job... just wanting to knowif there is a better way,,

thanks for the help



LawnSite Member
when i get a bid for mulch i shop for best pricing, you will find several price differences in mulch and i usaly bid 3 to 4 times muclch cost. check your messurments on sq. footage twice and when your sure about the area to cover numbers are write take you sq. ft. and divide by 75 that gives you a pretty close yardage at 4" thick, minus 25% for 3".
{10ft X 16ft = 160sq ft divide 160 by 75 = 2.13 yds of mulch@ 4" thick/ 3" 1.6 yds}
i also add $35 for p/u and del.
hope this helps.