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    What formula do you guys use for installing mulch to planting beds. 1-4 yds x$, 5-9 yds x$? Does that price include the mulch?
    Do you also re-edge the beds, if so what do you use?

    Thanks for your Help
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    Does anyone else have some input?
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    Did you do a search? There are a lot of threads on mulching prices. What other input do you need? Do you have a particular question that you could not find the answer in the searches?
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    Weedeater -
    The best advice I could give you and I think most people would agree is to estimate the total yardage and figure in (general rule of thumb) one person can usually install 1 cubic yard per hour (variable cost), plus add in any other fixed cost (truck, trailer, drive time, pick up mulch, etc.). Add this figure to the material cost and you get your total price. You can back-track this calculation to get $/yard.

    With this being said, unfortunately I don't see most people going through this calculation to arrive at the cost to the consumer. What I tend to see is companies and individuals charging as much as they possibly can in their market, or more often than not, people setting too low of a price and not making the $/hr they require because they follow everyone else's lead - usually the lowballer. I would suggest that you go through the above calculation on some sample properties and ask yourself the following:

    1. What is the going rate ($/yd) in my region?
    2. What is the rate ($/yd) that I need to charge in order to make the necessary profit that I need?
    3. If my calculated rate is much higher than the average in my region, how will my customers react if I charge what I need?
    4. Is there a company in my region I can sub this work out to and still make money and have happy customers?

    Depending on the job, subbing out mulch work can save you time and money, especially if you are planning on doing several jobs over 10 yards per jobsite.
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    1- 3 yards @ $60.00 a yard installed.
    4- 12 yards @ 50.00 a yard installed.
    13 or more - we'll talk. You should be able to get larger quantities of bulk delivered cheaper.
    Anything else is extra - putting a new edge, bed preparation, etc.
    Is this what you were looking for?

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    Thanks for your input guys. When you re-edge the bed before putting in the mulch, what do you use? Shovel, edger?
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