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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Uncle Josh, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. alteeter

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    HOLY CRAP I WISH I LIVED IN GEORGIA......50$ FOR 1 CUBIC YD. FOR INSTALL????????? people around here would ask me to take a breathalizer test if i quoted them that much................How in the h. e. double hockey sticks do you figure that one man, one wheelbarrow, one shovel/pitch-fork and an hours time equals 50.00?????? WOW
  2. JCRalston07

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    I don't it is outragous for $50 an hour for install. Most of my mulch jobs I just quote a flat rate like $75 per yard installed. This covers the mulch cost and install/delivery. I usually get brown hardwood under $20 a yard. If the customer wants the more expensive mulch i.e. color or triple shredded the rate goes up to $85 or $90.

    There is alot more to professional mulch jobs than wheelbarrow and a shovel. Beds have to be edged, pre-emergent put down, clean-up, ect...

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    I charge a mark-up on the price of the mulch plus an hourly rate to deliver and install.
  4. punt66

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    75 yd here....
  5. Freedom Lawn Service

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    If you want to get more per mulch job be a salesmen not a landscaper. If an average house takes 3 yards what do you think the customer is willing to pay to get a finished product they will be happy with? I have installed 3 yards for $150 and I have installed 3 yards for $375. All jobs are different, stop worrying about what is good for the customer and start worrying about what's good for you. If the job is easy, quote it that way. If you have to walk it an 1/8th mile to the back of the house, quote it that way.
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    Do you offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all your work??? From the way you are talking bud, you are another one of those guys who got laid off from his original job because he wasn't one of the most efficient employees there so you are putting just enough into your landscaping work just to get by therefore making just enough money to get by, and underpricing everything you touch or even look at, making, in effect, the entire market less profitable for everyone else out there in your line of work, including yourself. Or is it that you are a drunk who is just out to make enough quick cash for some quick drinks? That would explain why all your customers want you to take a breathalizer test. My customers are 90% customers I have gotten by word-of-mouth. What does that tell you bud??? I do fantastic work, exceed my customers' expectations, and am fair with my prices for my area and the local market. Also, when you charge someone a profitable, yet, fair price for a good or service, they feel more like they are "getting something". Like the other gentleman just said, "be a salesman, not a landscaper".

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