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Pricing mulch jobs

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by SHPSLLC, Apr 12, 2011.


    SHPSLLC LawnSite Member
    Messages: 42

    Im doing an estimate for a residential mulch job. Today i went and measured out the beds around the house, and its about 1140 sq ft total, so im figuring i will need about 11 yards to be 3" deep.
    So i was just wondering how you guys go about setting a rate for this. What works best for you, and what is the best way to charge? Should i list materials and labor as seperate prices on the estimate, or just a total for the whole job including prep, edging, weeding, cleanup, and delivery?
    I have seen some people just say it will cost $xxx per yard installed. Is this the best way to figure this?
    Thanks again for your input!!
  2. charmill26

    charmill26 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 369

    I have always priced it per yard. That includes delivery, cost of the mulch, and installation. I'm around $50-60 per yard installed depending on the price of the mulch. I can put down 2 yards an hour by myself. Any prep, edging, weeding isn't included in that price per yard they get a different bill for that

    actually maybe closer to 3-4 an hour? depends on the landscaping obviously
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2011
  3. PerfectEarth

    PerfectEarth LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,734

    There are probably 2,000 threads on mulch job pricing. Try the search feature on the site.

    SHPSLLC LawnSite Member
    Messages: 42

    Thanks. I actually had about 15 min near the computer today, and was able to read many of those 2000 threads, but most of them were "how much would you charge for this job?" Or "how much does mulch cost in wyoming?" Type of threads, so instead of wasting more time i didnt have, i just figured id ask and get the info i was actually looking for which is more of a "rule of thumb" kind of response. That search feature is handy though if you have the time to read through all the posts with the word mulch in them.
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    SHPSLLC LawnSite Member
    Messages: 42

    Thanks charmill, that gives me a good idea of what im looking at as far as quoting the job.
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  6. mike174

    mike174 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 240

    First off...if there is already mulch there, you don't need 11 yards for 1140 sqft. You can top dress it with 1/2 that amount (huge cost savings). 3" on top of what's there will burry plants. Pricing depends on edge & bed prep work. IMHO in NJ you would be atleat $125/yrd with edging & weeding prep work and that is on the low end depending on the beds. Your area might be much lower/higher.

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