Pricing of Green Gaurdiean products.

Discussion in 'The Green Guardian' started by Shady Brook, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. Shady Brook

    Shady Brook LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Indiana
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    I was on the web site but could not find out anything about pricing. Could you give pricing on the fertilizer with weed control in 50lb bags. What kind of delivery charges would there be delivered to Northwest IN?

  2. green_mark

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    Pricing is based on product selection, volume and destination.

    Please call the office at 651-295-8388 to discuss each topic.
  3. trying 2b organic

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    You need to get a heck of a lot more info out there for people to buy your produts. I guarentee you that there is little risk in just communicating what it is you do.

    If this product worked we will all buy it, I know I will. So why not talk a bit about it, you have one descriptive sentence on your site and it doesnt make sence. "works in 24 hs just 30 days" ??

    What is the active? How much do u apply? How is it applied? How much does it cost? Where is the proof that it works?
  4. green_mark

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    I went to my site to find what you are referring to and found the error. I will fix it tomorrow.

    Anyway, the Selective weed control in turf described in the link starts to work in less than 24 hours.

    The Weed Busting effects statement will also be corrected. It is intended to describe a Weed Buster Program whereas we apply the Green Guardian 14-0-5 3 times over 30 days which commonly reduces weeds by about 80%.

    Yes, chemicals could do the same in about 2 weeks with one application. The customers that are attracted to this program simply have no interest in chemicals whatsoever.

    This is the beauty of our product line and program. Those who would desire traditional chemical controls are not the same audience.

    Now, as to application rate. On that same page at the bottom there is a link to the label. For expediency I have included it here. This label provides most, if not all the information you were seeking.

    The application rate is generally 1 quart to 1,000 sq ft. This is mixed with 3 quarts water providing a finished application rate of 1 gallon of mixed material per 1,000 sq ft.

    A provision for extraordinarily poor turf is also included. When the turf is in very poor shape and weeds are prolific use about 6 quarts of mixed material.

    During a 30 day period of time about 80% of the weeds should be gone and the turf will have been fed 3 times which will greatly improve the density and color.

    The proper spray gun is the Lawnjet found at Put the word lawnjet in the search mech and it will be in the results.

    The tip you need is the TK-10.

    As you look at these photos you will note that the weed leaf surface is becoming more like old lettuce. No twisting, curling or the typical look provided by traditional options.

    d 1a.JPG

  5. Shady Brook

    Shady Brook LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Indiana
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    I did not realize that in order to get a good kill you would need to apply 3 times in thirty days.

    On the weeds controled link for Green Guardian it says: All controls are 1 to 2 applications over 30-60 days unless otherwise noted. All 2 to 3 application programs are spaced 7-10 days appart.

    I guess I don't understand what this is trying to say. If there is 1 application there would not be any spacing, yet if there are 2 applications they should be over 30 to 60 days? Or 2 applications could be spread 7-10 days appart?

    If you don't have any weeds indicated as 2 to 3, do they only require 1 application?

    What kind of kill percentage can one expect with one application?

    I have read that it can be used as a spot weed treatment, but now I wonder how effective it would be if you are now suggesting the need for 3 applications in close proximity to control 80% of the weeds.

    When trying to sell a new selective weed control product to my customers more specific numbers for number of applications, and control expectations will be critical.

    Is there any documented proof of the efficacy of the Green Guardian product, or any data on the active ingredients that show they have herbicidal properties?

  6. green_mark

    green_mark LawnSite Senior Member
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    The weeds that require one application simply do require only one.

    The 3 application “Weed Buster™” program is intended for the clients who have more weeds than grass.

    Each application builds the turf quality while simultaneously reduces the weed population.

    The effectiveness of each application will vary depending upon the two W’s. (Weeds and Weather) The selective weed control products The Green Guardian 14-0-5 and 5-0-3 take more time on some weeds than others. (Weeds Controlled) This is why we offer the “Weed Buster™” offering.

    This takes most of the two W’s out of the equation and since the customer who is going to need this program already has a depleted turf the nutrients being provided increases turf density, dramatically improves color,

    Following this program we recommend a monthly maintenance package which includes inspections, weed control and fertilizing.

    To respond to the active ingredients having herbicidal properties.

    Each active ingredient and label was submitted to the local and regional offices of the Department of Ag and EPA. These labels were reviewed, accepted and allowed to be marketed/used/sold according to the efficacy claims provided on the label and web site. Each product we bring to market is first tested internally, then label approval, then marketed and used in our own services.

    This process allows us to get the feedback from customers on:

    1) Marketability – to see if we have a reason to go further, after all no consumer interest no need to pursue.
    2) Employee (Lawn Tech) feedback as to ease of application, handling and product efficacy
    3) Customers response to product efficacy and value.

    This program has been a great success and our clients across North America which now number in excess of 100,000.

    We do our best to keep you informed of each of our products realistic efficacy.

    When this is known we let you know, in advance. Example: our selective weed controls do not control mallow no matter how many times you apply. Some weeds take multiple applications while others simply take one. Again see list of Weeds Control

    What are we doing about this? We develop products all the time. We work on improving formulations to lower cost and increase efficacy. To date the products we offer are our best work. By spring we anticipate having another ingredient added to our “Active List” which will make the three of our products work better, faster and yes “slightly less”.

    I hope this announcement will occur before the end of January 2006.
  7. Shady Brook

    Shady Brook LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Indiana
    Messages: 1,517

    Thanks a lot Mark for your helpful comments.
  8. trying 2b organic

    trying 2b organic LawnSite Senior Member
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    Cool info. I wonder if your product is beet extracts. As you know Turfmaize is a corn gluten product which did recieve reg (as a pesticde) but still didnt obtain mass appeal. (doesnt work to well)

    It seems like the municipal "cosmetic use" ban will continue to spread in Canada. I am def a future potential customer as are all Canadian lco's. bottom line is yes best management practices help but most people arent going to pay a lco money unless they see a real difference after one season. (we need to be able to kill weeds in my view)

    Cudos on being so honest about how good results are achieved, it will help u a lot in the long run im sure. And like u said, my potential customers are the %30 who already are in the Organic Programs. (till the ban hits my town, then you;ll really have some interest)
  9. green_mark

    green_mark LawnSite Senior Member
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    The product "Beet Extracts" is one of our products in Canada.

    Please be sure when you are buying it that it actually comes from our distributor and/or confirm with us that it is our product.

    We have had some issues with companies who are claiming to be us and/or claiming to make the same product, have the distribution rights, etc.

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