Pricing on a used zero turn


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Just wondering what somebody would think a fair price is on a used mower. It’s a 2001 Dixie Chopper XXWD2600 60” with just over 2,400 hours on it. It runs, seems to be in good condition and has been owned since 2005. I’m looking to buy it but have only ran gas mowers and am not sure what a fair price would be for a mower like that?


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Found one that was sold at auction online in 2013 with close to the same hours for $1100. So maybe $750 in good shape. Thing is 19 years old.
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Just a note. If ur starting a business. If it u still get 5 year warranty on non commercial use mowers. I never buy used equipment. The maintenance cost and the unknown issues end up costing a fortune. You can buy new for 5-6k finance it at zero percent. Pay 120 a month. Put 1000 hours on it after 2 years. Write off the purchase price as a tax deduction. A large on at that and then trade it in in 2 years and get 4K for it and start all over again without going beyond the warranty. In all you basically spent 2k of which you recouped more than that with not only a tax deduction but the dependability alone instead of buying a used mowed for1000 dollars which probably will need the pumps replaced, spindles, wiring. Ext. not mention the day you get it out of garage and or storage and it doesn’t start.