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    One of the things that I hate the most is grass sitting on top after you mow. I have tryed everything I even bought those Meg-Mo blades big mistake. I run 3 inch high lift blades on both of my mowers a 928 diseil grassopper and 3000 ferris both with 61 inch decks. I bought a bagger for the grasshopper but I haven't figured out how to charge for it. I have read allot of threads on here over the winter and I can't charge what some of you guys are. I have 1800 people in my town and the 2 surrounding towns are smaller. I mow in all of them my averge price is 27 and 60 is the highest. I have 33 yards , a full time job and 100 head of cattle and I'm not rich yet. None of these are commercial ,I didn't get my bids this year guess you have to suck up to some the guys on the board and I don't do that.

    Just checking for some sugestions on priceing the crab grass will be comeing on soon and it looks the worst here in MO on top of the lawn. I have also got the mulching kit for the grasshopper if you guys think that would work. I have found that the grass in spring has allot of moisture even if it dosen't rain really hard to mulch.

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