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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Footpath Organic, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Footpath Organic

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    We are getting geared up for our first year in business, and need to get a couple of our prices figured out. We have the dry applications pretty much figured out. Double the cost of product.
    Would that be true for overseeding as well?
    What do you guys generally charge for core aeration?
    Milky spore?

    Any info would be appreciated.
  2. phasthound

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    Yo, another Jersey guy! Glad you're on board.

    Are you going to the NJ Landscape Assoc Trade Show?
    If so, stop by our booth & say hi. :waving:
  3. brianlooft

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    Thats funny, I was just on your site and was going to contact you to see about your prices on some items. We are trying to do things a little differently by incorporating worm castings into our applications.
    Is that the Edison show?
    If so Ill be sure to stop by.
  4. Footpath Organic

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    Sorry, I logged in with my old ID before we had a name for our business. brianlooft is Footpath Organic:hammerhead:
  5. phasthound

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    Feb, 27 in Secaucus

    My website has my phone number, feel free to give me a call during the week.

    I have a client who lives near you, you guys show talk.
  6. Footpath Organic

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    Thanks. I will call you on Monday.

    Can anyone give me info on those pricing questions?:help:
  7. Barefoot James

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    Core aeration is priced several ways.
    1. $20 - $50 per 1000
    2. double to 2.5 what you charge to mow.

    If you have a walker 20 to 30 inch core aerator it will take slightly longer to do than mowing. Sometimes depending on compaction and if your going to top dress afterward you may wish to go across and then at a 45 angle (double) - charge more to do a double pass.

    If you have larger unit on the front of a ZTR you can do the job quick and do a double pass no problem - this is how you can make great money. Check out our site sponsor page JRCO

    Real money is made doing Power Seeding or slit seeding. Double pass always one direction then 45 it. 5 pounds seed per 1000 on existing turf and 10 pounds on new ground - always top dress with compost. I use the Turf Reviltalizer another sponsor of this site - great machine but you have to know how keep the turbine clear of nylon netting (from old sod), replace belts and cables - some mechanical abilities required or a good mower repair guy. But when they are running good they awesome.

    You should charge 60 to 120 with compost (the only way to go for many reasons. You may be able to charge even more if you are using soil amendments like myco or compost teas, you my wish to roll it with a 100 pound roller to insure good seed to soil.

    Rolls Royce Program can charge 100 to 150 per 1000 - Combine it all and aerate, top dress ( finished compost), dethatching helps fill aeration holes with compost, water, slit seed/powerseed/ (worst case) over seed, myco/compost tea, top dress (finished compost) again "I call it the cocoon effect", roll it - this insures seed to soil, water.

    Remember to charge more for seed and material if you kill existing lawn before hand - make sure to kill and water to see if weeds/Bermuda reappear and kill again before seeding. You also may want to till the top 12 to 18 inches and roll out this can be charged out from 30 to 100 per 1000. The tilling and rolling can be very labor intensive but one of the only ways to give you a decent shot at killing Bermuda. Once seeded on an old Bermuda lawn make sure to treat with applications of myco and CT for hyphae growth this will help keep any dormant Bermuda roots that can go as deep as 6 to 8 ft to have a tougher time of breaking through the web of fungi. Sometime Bermuda never goes away. Any ground disturbance can bring it right back so be careful to treat your lawn organically to keep the hyphae network strong and those myco networks on the tips of those fescue or what ever grass you are growing strong.

    Big ranges of numbers but if you are doing the Rolls Royce program along with killing and tilling you will have to bid it, kill it, kill again, till it do Rolls Royce Program, etc a typical 5000 sq ft lawn could mean 4 to 5 trips to property and 8 hours of work, so $225 per 1000 or $1125 is not out of the question! Plus you have to use 8 to 10 pieces of equipment. Heck maybe I should charge more - maybe you could in CT, NJ or other high income areas.

    Good luck!
  8. Stillwater

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    Prices are much higher in Ma.
  9. Footpath Organic

    Footpath Organic LawnSite Member
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    That was a big help!
  10. Barefoot James

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    What are the prices? I would like to relate to my customers what a good deal they are getting or maybe raise mine. Thanks for sharing.

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