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I would like to get some imput on what to charge for an area that is about two and one half blocks long. It is between 25 and 30 feet wide. It is split and I would have to move my trailer to second part. I would only have to pull weeds in small frontal areas(two), weedeat. and pick up trash. They told me that they only paid 90.00 a week last year. They expect to pay more this year because of the cost of gas. 90.00 seems low. What do you think?


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Estimate your time and take your hours X your hourly rate. If you don't know how much time it will take then you would probably be better working for someone else. If you are new to the business knock on a few doors and tell the homeowners you are starting a new lawn care co and want to get better at doing bids.

Tell them if they let you mow their lawn you won't charge them and it will help you get better at bids. Most people are willing to have free work done for them, if you are very nice and professional they may even pay you when you are done. I did this a few times and it has paid off big. This will surely piss someone off because they don't ever work for free. I don't look at it as working for free because you are learning a skill that if not learned will cost you huge!

Good luck!

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