pricing on lawn applications?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by hobbsd, Feb 16, 2006.

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    Ok, so I have figured these rates out, but I am just getting into the application business, so I am not sure if they are fair prices or not. I am just 20 and since I have been doing my own lawn care stuff since I was ten, I never had a chance to go work with someone else.

    Here goes, I think they might be too high, but let me know.

    Prices based on a 3500 sq. Ft. minimum
    Grub control $50 min. 15 p/K after
    Crabgrass spray-post-emergent $50 min. 15 p/K after
    Fungacide pre and curative $50 min. $15 p/1k
    Broadleaf spray-post emergent $35 min. $4 p/1k

    Based on a 6000 sq. ft. minimum

    lime $30 min $5 p/1k
    Fert (including pre emergent dimension) $35 minimum $6.66 p/1k
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    ok, I'll be the first. Do you have a license to apply pesticides?

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