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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by scagdude, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. scagdude

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    Ok so i have an organic garden i am going to put in for somebody. i have to pull up the grass (6'x20'), hoe it all out, buy the compost and soil and put that down, as well as make rows to plant in. I was thinking i would charge $50 an hour, the compost is $8 a bag, the soil is around $6-8 a bag im relly not sure as well as molasses which is $6 a bag. it will be 3" deep of compost as well as soil and then molasses. if i do 3" deep one bag does 4sq ft and the garden is 120 sq ft. so therefore i will need 30 bags so it will be about $400 for the stuff i have to buy plus a service charge for the sod cutter of $75. it will take me about 5-7 hrs. therefore the hourly rate is $250-350 so they are looking at $700-800. Does this sound reasonable?
  2. scagdude

    scagdude LawnSite Senior Member
    from Texas
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  3. Lucky Star Lawn Care

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    Instead of bagged compost and soil is the a garden mix available in bulk where you are located? And how muchof what are you planting?
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    Ya, look into bulk, much cheaper. Sometimes local municipalities have compost for free from the recycling program.

    Good job on the sod cutter. I used one for my garden 4 years ago, and it was slicker than........ made life so much easier removing the sod.

    Sounds a little steep to me on the price for what it is, but, I don't live in your area so I don't know what is acceptable.

    Might want to itemize your bid, so if they can't afford some of the amenities you want to put in.

    Otherwise it sounds like you go your pricing in order.
  5. scagdude

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    from Texas
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    ya this is a high end neighborhood so i am able to charge like that. usually i will charge this too because my whole area is high end. it is available in bulk but hears the thing. they charge $100 just for delivery so its just cheaper to buy it by the bag for the size i will be doing. thanks to all for your input.

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