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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by j455cb, Feb 12, 2009.

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    I was trying to figure out an average pricing per 1000sq ft on ornamental bed applications. I only deal with lawn and turf pricing I know what my costs are when I deal with lawn areas. When I use my lawn pricing to come up for a cost per 1000 on ornamental beds I would not recover the cost of using a pre emergant snapshot. I work in middle TN and yes I am licensed and certified to apply pesticide in TN
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    With snapshot we apply two applications a year to our properties because snapshot and XLG2 are four month products. Also look into a product called Gallery it is a DF and depending on pricing and level of difficulty I might apply it mixed with Dimension and such. Anyway I buy snapshot in #50 bags at a cost of $85 so my cost at the 3.45# rate is $5.52 per K. I charge $11 per K to apply it down and a $35 service fee. up to 15K then it drops to $9 per K up to the acre so a 5,000 sq ft bed will be $90. Some people probably charge more and I could probably charge more as well but I also do a lot of apps for the customers that I treat and give a little bit of a break.
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    There are many threads here on this site for priceing. A good search would be "Cost Plus" by Ric.

    I charge my stop fee+hourly rate+materials. I know how long it takes to do 1,000 sq.ft. in beds, and figure that when I work the estimate.

    My hourly rate is determined by my pay + my overhead to operate my business. This is estmated by total cost per year to operate+salery.

    An Accountant helped me and could help you as well.

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    we use snapshot and roundup for touchup. we apply it twice then keep up all year with roundup. we price much higher than that for 1000 ft sq. we also figure in the use of roundup and the time throughout the year and divide all that cost into 4 and bill that many of times per year. i have thought about changing this, but not yet. i did it to make it easy to sell to customers and all, but the costs are spread out so you get the picture. anyways, $48.50 per K is our formula. it does get cheaper over 5000ftsq. keep in mind that it is an average.
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    :waving:the problem you have is it takes longer to spread materials in beds plus the are more costly. we found tying them in with other visits while in nieghborhood or on site keeps cost down.
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    I'm going to bump this old thread up, because I am trying to bid a pretty big job and had a few questions.

    I'm bidding pre-emergence applications on about 100K square feet of beds (also bidding the lawn maintenance which is roughly 500K). From what I have been reading, most people would bid this ~$1000 for a Snapshot application. Only considering the chemical cost, this would be about $450 profit. It seems like that is a lot of work for $450 of profit, especially if you factor in your other costs. How long would you estimate it would take you to spread Snapshot over 100K of beds?

    Anybody care to share what they would bid on this type of a job?
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    My goodness TurfDoctor, you bidding on University grounds or on Governmental properties.??? Holy cow!!!--MAn!
  8. Turfdoctor1

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    better not say, but, none of the above. haha. will share info once I win the contract. They have their own maintenance staff, but choose to hire their weed control/fertilization.
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    Wow! That 's awesome. I've pretty much got a 12 acre property in the bag in the last week but not 100K of beds. In my opinion granular would be the way to go. Get yourself a quality chest spreader that'll throw a 10-15ft pattern, fill the hopper on your Z and throw a couple bags in the trays. I really don't think it will take you that long. Say it took you half a day...$100+ an hour is pretty good profit.
  10. ted putnam

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    Forgot to add: I meant use the Z for transport. Get a large scopp and fill the chest spreader from the hopper. That's how I'd do it anyway...Good Luck.

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