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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by Lost Pine, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Lost Pine

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    I know landscapng, but NOT seal coating. I had a guy come past my house and offer, because it was the begining of the season and things were slow(you know the pitch) to do my 7,000 sqft driveway for $500.

    My question is, Is there a way you can get cheated in the bussiness ? Too thin a mix, wrong mix, etc ? What should I look for ?

  2. toddq33

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    Yes ask for the name and brand of product he uses, ask him where his supplier is located. Ask for business license and references and insurance info. Check to see if he has been in business very long. Many folks go around with a truck looking for business offering a huge discount to get it done now. They usually dont have a business license, offer any guarantee, and when something goes wrong they are never heard from again.

    He quoted you approx. 7 cents a foot which in my area is fair. Not a real discount. Although I would suspect that later in the year you will be looking at at least 10 cents.

    Be sure to get references and check them.

  3. toddsasphalt

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    What type of sealer is the contractor offering to seal your driveway with. Coal Tar or Asphalt emulsion or a blend of both. I would not recommend anything but 100% coal tar emulsion because of its chemical makeup. How much sand is in the mixture, how much water, does he use additives or not.Is he going to spray or brush apply the sealer on your pavement. If he is going to spray you can be sure that you are going to get a thin coat compared to a squeegee application. Also with a spray application, be ready for the sealer to land halfway up your retaining wall. Does he live in the area? If there is a problem you want to be sure that you can track him down. I would also ask for references and insurance. You also want the ability to pay for the application a day or two after the work is completed. This way you can review workmanship before final payment.
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    todd it sounds like your a tough nut to crack your gonna make the guy nervous. A 10,000 sq.ft driveway could get done for 500 cash deal all day especially spraying the job. Usually you have about 2000 square near the house and the rest is the drive edged with grass when we spray private drives and long driveways we edge them out along the house and any landscape blocks or pavers then apply a very generous coat or sealer with the spray wand and finished with the brush .
    ps maybe ask for a refence but don't break the guys balls that bad or he will walk away i's only 500$ i seal lots for 10,000$$ with less
  5. toddsasphalt

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    Most of the contactors that spray driveways in my area are travelers from the south. It amazes me when they spend $500.00 on a seal coating job which lasts a week. They usually have one guy spraying your driveway and two guys trying to break into your home through the back door. Not breaking anyones balls, I would at least ask for references and recommend get a local contractor just in case there is a problem with application.
  6. toddq33

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    Your probably right, but that is all the information I always have with me when approaching new customers, and old customers for that matter. Can never be too ready for them. $500 cash for 10,000 sq. feet. Absolutely if they want it done imediately. If they want it scheduled the first wed. of next month, regular pricing.


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    i agree that should sell you on your web site . all they have to do is click and they can see what your about .
    all they have to do is peak at mine and i got the job . out of town or not ,100 or 500 i will get the job image is every thing.
  8. I don't know if you had it done, but $500 seems way too cheap.

    In regards to spray: You can spray thicker with a spray wand than with squeegee if you let yourself. It just depends on the operator and the mix.

    Always beware of very uncalculated even numbers. I rarely quote a job that comes out to even #'s, usually after you do the math, tax, etc it comes out to a random number.
  9. TLS

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    There was a company going around last year sealing driveways....

    The stuff they applied was like gloss black spray paint.

    Looked like hell if you ask me. What product would this have been?
  10. denangme

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    Was my area the only place that sealer jumped 50 cents/gal. ? I won't do anything for under .14 cents/sq.ft., heck my supplier gets 19 to 22 cents all day long..... I'd rather do one drive for 16 cents, than 2 for 8 cents.......

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