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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by Lost Pine, Apr 13, 2007.

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    In my area ( Western Pa) we have also experienced price increases not only with the price of concentrate but recently the price of sand has increased a few dollars a bag. Along with the fuel cost for giving estimates and getting to a job, I have increased my pricing from last year at least five cents a square foot and I am very competive in my area.
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    Well, this has been helpful. Ok, I got a quote from a guy who has his own company...sealing driveways and staining fences. He would charge me $695 for pressure washing, sealing cracks, and applying sealcoat to the 2427 square feet of exposed aggregate that I have (driveway, walkways, and front porch). Is that reasonable? This is middle TN, by the way....
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    Without seeing the area it is hard to give an opinion. If it was simply a driveway without any cracks I would say that the price may be a little high. You have to consider the cost and time for power washing not only the driveway but the side walk and porch. Also, the crack filler and labor needed to clean and fill your cracks is also hard to give an opinion without the seeing the amount and size of cracks located throughout your pavement. As with all projects, it always nice to get another estimate from a reputable local contractor for the scope of work you need to have completed.
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    I agree with Todd. Also, don't be afraid to ask for references on past jobs completed......
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    SEAL and COAT is right dont use some one that just pops out an even number
    try to use a pro with pro equipment.Your job will have a much higher quality
    The work is just like the equipment.You get what you pay for!!!!
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    When I was in the sealcoating business honestly, I tried to stay away from residetial work because of lack of profit to cover overhead. With that said it dosent mean that I didnt get involved in residential at some point.

    Contrary to earlyer posts I think either Asphalt or Coal Tar based products are fine for residential because you have less traffic and more cure time. REMEMBER guys Coal Tar will soon be a product of the past so warm up to a good asphalt emulsion and a piston pump to pump it because this is the sealer of the future whether you know it or not!! The diaphragm will not pump the future AEs dont wait for this fact to become reality!!

    One of the biggest scams I ran into was the contractor offering "Hot Sealer". Ok that got your attention now didnt it!!! The contractor would offer hot sealer that lasts longer and "what a bargin cause I like you"!!! but you need to stay off of it for at least 2 days. What hes really saying is stay off long enough for the check to clear before you find out I put down RC70 instead of sealer. RC 70 is a tack material that is used between an asphalt overlay to bond the 2 surfaces. This material when promoted as hot sealer will dry to a tacky finish that will track into the house and out of the driveway for at least 2 weeks before curing. By that time the contractor is long gone and the 800 number he left you is diconnected.

    Why do they do this? RC 70 has a coverage rate of about three to five times that of sealer so the fact that it cost about another .70 per gallon still makes the material investment a fraction of what sealer costs and some of these guys even go as far as to mix Gas with it to make it go futher.

    The best way to combat this as a residential consumer is to ask for a recept dated the same day for the material make sure that it is either Coal Tar or Asphalt based sealer. Once the material is sprayed if it has a glassy shine to it its probably RC 70. But you will know right away who yr dealing with if hes pushing "Hot Sealer" if that ever comes out of his mouth close the door and call the Police!!!

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