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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ijoe_k15, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. ijoe_k15

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    i have a client who wants me to dig 6 to 7 holes so he can put in plants himself....he says the plants he are buying areany where between 1-3 feet in diamter so im guessing im going to dig the holes 3 by 3 or smaller...anyone have any clue on what to charge him?
  2. Dunn's

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    Whatever you would charge them if you put them in minus the plant cost.

    They want to put them in because they think you will charge them to much if you purchase the plants.
  3. fullmetalbucket

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    I'd charge a labour rate of $35-45 per hour doing it by hand.... or give him a lump sum price for the job based on how long you figure it'll take and what your sweat is worth....
  4. Paulup

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    Do you really want to do it? If not, charge them for an hour of your time and rental cost on one of those big 1 man augers and knock it out in a hurry. I don't know what the soil is like where you are, but down here you hit clay around 6" deep, digging holes that big with a shovel would take all afternoon.

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