Pricing Question


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Have a potential customer looking for weekly mowing. He is what you would call a perfectionist getting up in years. He uses a 21" by choice and not because of lack of money - he has Deere garden tractor for snowblowing his 1000+ foot long driveway since he doesn't like plowed snow going on his grass. He would continue to like to have grass cut with a 21". He claims it takes him about 2 hrs. If it takes 2 hours what would you guys charge? Additional probable services include 20 yard mulch install, and 4 -5 fall cleanup visits of 10 - 12 hours each on an hourly basis.


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I would charge enough to cover ALL of your expenses and then what you want to "profit" from the lawn. Does this help?

BTW, can't help but ask...If the homeowner doesn't like snow on his grass were exactly does the snow from the snow thrower go?