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    Hey everyone,

    A woman I did some work for about a month ago called and wants me to do some more stuff for her. She's already sold cause she saw how I did last time and prices were fair, but between 2-4 evergreens about 3-4ft tall have died. They're very narrow, vertical plants - can't remember now what species. Anyway they're dead and she wants them removed and replaced.

    I'm sure she already has the replacement bushes, she always bought the plants herself before (i'll double-check obviously). Anyone have any tips on how to price such a removal and replanting, and maybe tips on ensuring that they'll take? (Beyond shock treatment during planting? Her soil isn't great but I like her and want to help.)
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    Manhattan arborvitae maybe?

    How long have the trees been in the ground? If recently planted one might almost be able to pull them out.

    Tough to give a firm price based on the information given.

    1 hour labor maybe?
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    Well this could turn ugly if you get careless. Here’s what I mean if your interested;

    You don’t really know what your doing but you’re probably a really hard worker and not scared to try anything - which is great but some people expect that you know everything, mainly the people paying you to do these things. So, if her dirt isn’t great and she has already had trees die in this area, most likely anything you plant there will also die unless you improve the soil and select the correct plants that would thrive in that location. If this scenario happens(most likely) you’re buying her new plants regardless of who purchased them.

    So, what I’d do is not offer any sort of warranty or guarantee on removing/replacing and make sure she knows the probability of them dying is pretty good. From there you might be able to sell her some amendments(good soil, compost, etc.) and make a little more $ at the same job.

    Bid wise, I’d say bill for 2 hrs @ whatever you’re rate is for removing and replacing.

    If you are able to up-sell her on fixing her soil, then you’ll have to add on any material and extra labor you’ll have.
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    Very solid advise
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    Recently planted means they should come out easily. Assuming she needs (4), I'd charge her $200 total BUT would include some soil amendments (little potting mix and compost I suppose). It's probably 1.5 hrs of work. You can say something like "$40 ea for removal and proper planting and I'll give you a deal on the amendments at just another $40". Either way, $200 and you make out good.
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    We charge per shrub if it's less than 10 being removed. Also based on their size, complexity/accessibility of the shrubs. If shrubs are right up on the foundation, which they likely are.. double check that there's no irrigation lines or light fixture wiring running around the roots.. if so, move them before.
  7. sjessen

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    there is a good possibility these plants died from improper watering.
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