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Pricing Structure for Weekly/10 day/Bi-Weekly

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MiguelTX, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. MiguelTX

    MiguelTX LawnSite Member
    Messages: 68

    Just wondering if it's a good idea to have a 3-tier pricing structure for weekly, 10-day, and bi-weekly mowing visits?

    For instance, let's say an average lawn is $25 per week. Would you add $5 if the customer wants service every 10 days, making it $30? Would you add another $5 if they wanted bi-weekly service, making it $35? Seems reasonable to me since there is obviously more growth = more time.

  2. bohiaa

    bohiaa LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,220

    GREAT ideal. however your prices are a bit low. I would add 10.00 to that.

    also we charge more bi, and 10 dayers. depending on the types of service. meaning if we trim hedges. pull/spray weeds in beds. and such. also if the customer has a watering system.
  3. MiguelTX

    MiguelTX LawnSite Member
    Messages: 68

    So you mean $25 per week, $35 every 10 days and $45 bi-weekly? And then more, like you gave in your examples? That means the weekly client pays $100/month, the client getting service every 10 days pays $105/month, and the bi-weekly client pays $90/month.

    I see what you mean about adding more $$$.
  4. SangerLawn

    SangerLawn LawnSite Senior Member
    from indiana
    Messages: 736

    That’s the way we do it but we do not take any 10 day cuts. At first the every 10 thing might be ok but once you have a good number of customers you will never be able to get the 10 day customers to line up with your weekly or bi-weekly lawns. You will be going way out of route just to mow 1 lawn because they are on a strange schedule.

    I am not saying not to take them. When you are first start out they will help your revenue but I would charge more then a bi-weekly lawn simply because they are a pain in the butt for scheduling. Once you have full routes you will want to give them the option to go weekly, bi-weekly, or find someone else to mow.

    SEMI-RETIRED LawnSite Member
    Messages: 159

    All of my business is weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, i even have some brush hog
    jobs that are seasonal...no 10 day jobs, as sangerlawn says, to hard to schedule..

    I usually do not charge extra for biweekly, since we mulch and do not bag it does
    not cost me any more to mow biweekly, but i do charge extra for monthly..

    Brush hog jobs are a different story entirely, they are all different, trees, size
    of brush, acreage involved etc, i charge by acre if just grass, and by the hour
    if it is serious stuff..

    Hope this helps..

  6. MiguelTX

    MiguelTX LawnSite Member
    Messages: 68

    Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it. To me, it seems like if you're a weekly client you should pay less than a bi-weekly client. A $30 lawn job weekly is $120/month or it could be $60/month if on a bi-weekly schedule. I think that gives a H/O more of an incentive to go bi-weekly as opposed to weekly, since they will be paying 50% less. On the other hand, if you charge $60 per visit to your bi-weekly clients for an average lawn then I don't think you'd get too much work.

    What about the travel involved? Your weekly clients have to be visited 4x/month. Your bi-weekly clients only get visited 2x/month. In reality, you are burning more gas and spending more time on a weekly client rather than a bi-weekly client. So let's say my employer told me I could come and go any day I want, just as long as I make 40 hours/week. If I worked 1 24 hour shift and 1 16 hour shift I would be earning more $$$ because I only had to travel to/from work 2 days that week. If I did that every month, it would only be 8 days of travel. Most people that have Mon-Fri jobs travel to/from work 20 days per month. Here's the math: let's say your truck gets 20 miles/gallon @ $2.30/gallon and you travel 20 miles round-trip. A Mon-Fri job costs $46/month in gas BUT if you go to work 2x/day it only costs $18.40/month, a savings of $27.60/month! Also, when you tell someone you earn $4000/month at your job and they also earn the same, YOU actually earn MORE because you're only working 2 days/week and they're working 5 days/week for the same pay! ;)
  7. Tommy Boy

    Tommy Boy LawnSite Member
    Messages: 220

    we use weekly, bi-weekly and a very popular 10 day visit program. We charge approx $40.00 for each service visit based on 10k lawn give or take. That is inclusive with shrubs, beds, trimming. edging. I don't call it mowing, we are doing service visits. this way if the weather will not allow mowers on turf, we still service the account, working on beds, shrubs, hedges, and can still count it as a visit.

    I may reduce the price a little if this is an annual contract with monthly stops, seasonal March - October remains in our price point range of $40.00 per stop. Based on our average lawns in south Atlanta, a two person crew can do 14 stops per day, or 140 homes in a 10 day period for a rough gross of $5,600.00 or $16,800 per month. That is $134,400 per season, per 2 person crew, times 3 = about $400,000 per season per 3 / 2 person crews based on March through October

    With this schedule, we reduce crews from Nov - Feb, overhead is lower and we can bank some coin for the upcoming season. I have 3 crews doing strickly commercial (Full-time year round), and 3 crews, 1 full-time and 2 full-time seasonal. This has worked for us, I hope it answers your questions, good luck.
  8. bohiaa

    bohiaa LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,220

    No. No. NO....

    you have it wrong. If I understand what you mean...

    your weekly custoemr is WHAT you want. you DONT WANT bi's and 10 dayers.
    in fact forget 10 dayers.
    dont take them. if a customer wants every other week sock it to them.
    that's what there doing to you. it's harder on your equipment. and your self.

    If we say " we meaning my co. " 30.00 for a weekly. and they want every other week we charge 47.00 we disencourage every other week customers. in fact depending on the location. we wont take them.

    as you get bigger. and you will. you will find that Biweekly customers are a PITA. the next thing they will want is for you to pull weeds in the beds. that too on a BI weekly visit. they will want to call you and talk to you on the phone. they will want to be there and talk to you in person.

    the next thing you know it will rain on there day. then it may be 17,18, or even 20 days before you can get to them.... NOW your cutting 20 day tall grass for what? 35.00 spending 1.5 to 2 hrs doing so.

    best of luck
  9. Im glad Bohia understands that bi-weeklies are NOT worth it. I will NEVER do a 10-dayer, and under certain circumstances do a bi-weekly. Here in Florida, we are monthly year round. The only way I will take a bi-weekly is if they don't irrigate or fertilize or it's a big property where im banking coin. You have to remember that a bi-weekly in the winter is a loser(if you live in a state that cuts year round). If you are cutting Bahia in winter, you can go 4-7 weeks w/out cutting. The bi-weekly customer will NOT have you cut EOW in the winter when there is NOTHING growing. I have 2 bi-weeklies that work for me. I don't want to take any more.
  10. Taneli

    Taneli LawnSite Member
    Messages: 149

    I only offer Bi weekly mows for customers whos turf is primarely weeds like 80 or 90% if the turf is actually nice grass there is no way i mow bi weekly here in PA. A) takes waaayyyyy longer to mow it so your not really making money on it even if you charge an extra 10$ and B) it is extremely unhealthy for grass and will just lead to problems and unsatisfied customers.

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