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    I am attempting to start a lawn service company. I curently have 5 customers. 4 only want their yards done 2x a month, while the other is weekly right now(summer). I live in Marietta, GA and I am only charging approximately $35 per service. The yard sizes range from less than 1/4acre to just over 1/2 acre. I think I am way under where I need to be. I don't have a business license yet, but I will be applying for it almost immediately. Also, I dont have insurance yet, but I will also be getting this almost imediately. I am in the process of landing a comercial account at my mother's job for $585mo. I dont want to buy thing out of pocket b/c I dont know how large or how quickly the company will grow. I already have a full-time job so I dont need the money; I'm just hungry for it. Can I get some suggestions on prices. I am thinging about weekly, every 10day, and twice monthly services. Please feel free to destroy my idea and give me a better one. Also, I am getting calls regarding brush clearing, hedging ect. So I just bought a KM-90 power stick with str8 edger and articulating hedge trimmer. I am using a comercial honda mower. How do you guys price hedge trimming? per time charge or built into the bill over time? I am new to the business, and I certainly dont want to hurt the industry by lowballing prices, but at the same time I do want to be cheaper b/c I am less experienced. Any input would be nice but specifically regarding pricing, billing, and extra services like hedging and how to bill for them with current customers. If anybody has a guide feel free to e-mail me.
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    Theres a company called powertradus somewhere in your aera. Ive bought several peices of equiptment on ebay from them, all good stuff.

    Sounds like your on your way
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    How long do you think the job will take x what you bill per hour + dump fee. lets say you want to make 35 an hour and the job will take you 2 hour to trim and clean up then you would charge 70 for the trimming.Now lets say your dump charges you 50 to dump plus 1 hour travel both total plus 10 in fuel and tolls.Thats 50+35(hour)+10=95.I would bump it up to a clean 100 and add that with the 70 in labor and you got $170.00. Now this wont do you any good if you dont know what you want to make per hour.What you want means nothing with out knowing what your market will allow.I would go to the section for networking with people from your area and ask what the going rate in your area is
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    Sit down and come up with a figure for your yearly expenses. Figure out how many hours a year you'll have available to work. Divide them, and you will have a rough price for how much you need to charge hourly just to break even. Add to this what you need to profit and you will have a basic hourly charge. This is what I used when I started and then once I got the feel for pricing it became second nature. Hope this helps.

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