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Pricing Tree and Shrub work?

J Hisch

LawnSite Bronze Member
Evansville IN
I have been doing this in a generic way. I have been using mauget micro-injection for trees, and back pack sprayer for small shrubs in the landscape. For tree up to 15 ft high the price for has been 15-30 dollars per tree over that and it time and materials. Shrub work has been hard to price. I have been chargeing 20.00 per 5 back pack. I use the rocket sprayer for small shrub. How do you pirce your tree/shrub work? I use hand held deep root feeder. Would like to know how you all are doing it.


LawnSite Member
Paris, Tn.
I price shrub programs based on how large the landscape is. I have 4 general sizes of properties that I put a Landscape into when I look at it. I start at a minimum of $45.00 for a basic foundation landscape. Then I start adding from there. I use a 25 gallon sprayer and 300 feet of hose so it goes quickly.

Tree work is based on how large the tree is, and how many. I start with a $45.00 trip charge, plus a charge for each capsule used. If I am spraying, I charge less than the capsules.
Hope this helps,
There are various ways to bid/price jobs whether its a landscape or maitenance. Take into account regional factors by comparing other companies and how well your economy is in your particular neck of the woods. One way the big boys do it is by square footage measured out to the drip line of the tree/shrub or the square footage of a hedge row, planter, or groupings.
Once you have a fair formula that gives you the profit you and your cutomer can deal with ( profit for you on the bottom line and profit for the customer in value for their money) then you have conquered half the head aches. Hope this helps.


LawnSite Senior Member
I charge $55.00 to show up and do 15 minutes of treatment as my minimum.

Then charge for each additional 15 minutes used.

Try to sell spray programs vs. one time treatments.

Dormant and summer oil sprays work well,enviromentally sound and cheap.

Deep root fertilization: good fill work and money.

All control product labels call for a followup spray 10-14 days later. Easy sell!

Know your costs and good luck.