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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by aperfectlawn, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. aperfectlawn

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    How do you price for weed control/fertilizer. Do you charge by the square foot? What dollar amount do you go by. (Ex: $5 every 50 sq. feet?) I am clueless on how to price and the going rate of applications.
  2. Premo Services

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    Most of the time it is priced by 1000 sq/sf, because that is how most of the chemicals are applied. You need to know your costs involved and how much you are appling to come up with a price for the application.
  3. MrBarefoot

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    For our basic "weed and feed" program, we charge $27.00 for up to 5,000 1k/ft^2, and then $2.55 every 1k/ft^2 above that.

    But you may be able to charge more. I operate in an area where there are probably over 100 companies offering the same services I do, and the climate is very competitive. Additionally we probably have an equal number of under the table lawn mowing crews that apply the weed and feed without a license.

    You need to first determine your price per 1000/ft^2 and then try to quantify your costs in delivering the service to each customer. That will be the foundation of your price structure.
  4. Eastview Lawncare

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    The best way to understand the pricing end is to start by figuring out that you need a license. Get the spray license first then price insurance , then the equipment to put it out , then the product cost & labor ......& on & on
    dont just double the cost of materials & charge hourly to do the job

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