Pricing when finding hidden dangers

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    Wow Im glad you are ok, I hate meeting bees in trees.

    Normally if I bid on a job the price is the price. If I didnt see a hazard (bees nest, racoon ect). I deal with that hazard with in the price. Bees are normally pretty easy, wait till night or first thing in the am and nail them with bee spray, then finish the job.

    now if a new hazard pops up between the time I look at the tree and get to take care of it, then yes the owner normally is pretty understanding and is willing to pay extra for a fix.

    If before I justs bid what I need to mitigate the hazard, if that means coming the night before to spray bees they pay for that. If it means a crane, they pay for that. In the end if you see it when bidding it should be worked into your bid.
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    We did a "tiny" mulch job of a few yards this year including trimming for like $350.00, it turned into two trips to the store for wasp spray, and a ton of garden hose water to get ground wasps out from just about everywhere in these beds.. i know its not tree related, and luckily i was only stung once, but a job i though 3 of us could do in about an hour turned into 4 in the end.... good customer, had to eat that one. How are you to know?

    I wouldnt charge them more now, except maybe let them know about it and just for kicks ask them to reimburse a few cans of wasp spray or something.
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    Recently, I quoted a job, it was a done deal and I got down to it. I was up and down this tree and through the alleyway it was near all morning and no disturbances. Half way through the job, I was coming down on the other side of it and brushed through some shrubs and sapplings near the base which happened to home a wasps nest. I was attacked, received about 20 stings and finally got down and unclipped with bumpy arms, head, face, and sore neck. I'm not allergic, and yes I should have seen it when inspecting the property but it was not apparent at the time. The nest was made in between 2 small branches with a lot of foliage so it was not possible to see and none were flying around at the time.
    What my question is, (before seeing the potential hazard) should I charge more for risking injury like this? Obviously you charge depending on how much you're risking your life, and turn down the job if it is too dangerous; but for small things like this, is it worth it? I was told not to charge more half way through the job because that is not the home owners fault, it was unexpected, which is fair. But what about before hand?

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