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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KDLAWN, Jun 5, 2002.


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    I am new to the site but I have a question on pricing yards. How do you price a new yard, just by looking at it for the first time and not having mowed it before , how long it takes, and the degree of diffuculty. Do any of you use a measuring wheel and come up with some type of equation, or mow it one time for a price and then fluxuate on the price from there. I have been mowing for many years just for extra money on the side but I am really trying to make a successful small bussness out of it now, and trying not to rob the cust. but not lose my butt in the process.

    sorry for the novel, but just had a question????

    Thanks. :confused:
  2. rkbrown

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    I always carry a measuring wheel with me. I measure sq ft of lawn, sq foot of beds and linear ft for trimming/edging to get an idea of time involved then price accordingly.
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    Its impossible to price effectively without knowing your cost.

    For cutting under normal size lawns in my area I just look at them. I can tell due to experience how long it will take.

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    well, my small yards are not bad because I that is what I cut mostly, but it is the bigger size yards I have problems with.

    I have purchaced a measuring wheel and I should be getting it any day and I'll try figuring something out with it ... but until then.

    thanks for the input. any more advice is great.........
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    "thanks for the input. any more advice is great........."

    It's called search. Upper right hand corner, in RED. Use it, love it, learn from it.

    At least this guy seems willing to listen, instead of being like CHEAPCUTS and not listening when those of us have been in biz for years told him what he needed to do. And pretty much telling us we were full of it.

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