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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Howie's Lawn Care, Jul 16, 2006.

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    When you guys setup yearly contracts, how do you decide the number of cuts to include. My season is about 7 months, 28 cuts. Stuff grows fast in spring and slow in july/august. I would like to include fertilizing, so do I charge for 30 cuts because of fast spring growth, 28 cuts because of dry july, or 30 because of fertilizing sale and year round income. I just need some overall advice for doing yearly contracts and how to determine the number of cuts to include. What kind of discounts do you guys give for year long prepay. Thanks for any advice.

    -Nick Howard
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    This is what i am thinking of doing next year. Weekly cuts i will figure out all the weekdays from april 1st till nov 30th. I will be like 34 weeks ( This is just a guess right now, I did not add them up) but you will need to for your contracts. multiply price of cut by 34 weeks then i am gonna break it down to 12 payments. I AM NOT gonna take in the drought factor to reduce any monthly payments. People hire me to cut their grass this is how it's gonna be. I will also give them more options, like adding spring and fall cleanups to these terms.
    I currently have 77 weekly lawns. I will be sending them all letters in the mail over the winter asking if they would prefer a lower 12 month payment plan. But all new customers will be on yearly contracts. I will not risk losing my current clients but again, any new ones will be on yearly contract.

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    We service the property all year long-- From March 15th ( or the Mon closest) to Nov. 20th (or so) we visit every week-- During the winter it is every other week.

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