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    I apologize for the long post.

    New user to the site, but have been reading for sometime. I have a small lawn business going in NC. Been doing it part-time for 3 years while still holding down a regular job (gotta have that regular income and healthcare). I am hoping to move into it full-time within the next 2-3 years.

    I have found this site very helpful. One thing I have noticed is the dislike for lowballers on pricing. I was looking to find some information on pricing in my area. I want to make sure I am fair and not losing jobs, but I also don't want to steal work from other companies just because I am lowballing and I definitely don't want to be a fly by night business. I fear I may be one of these low ballers.

    Basically, this is my standard for lawn service. Minimum charge is $25.00 for 5,000 square feet. It goes up $5.00 every additional 5,000. I usually try to take into account for slopes, gates, etc, but have found that I really can't charge that much more.

    Any advice would be great as I try to learn as I go. Also, if anyone has any good suggestions on a standard for estimating, that would really help too.
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    You have to do what is right for you. Do not get caught up too much in the lowballer concept. It is simply business and your choices, it is free enterprise at one of it's purest forms. Right now, the income is just extra since you have a fulltime job. Every business and business owner has totally different views, plans, costs, etc.... There are soooooo many factors that determine a business, it's profits, losses, success or failure and no two LCO's are going to be exactly the same since all the factors are not the same.

    In the bakery business, it is common for Wonder or Sara Lee to give, let's say a Burger King franchisee with 5 stores free product for the 1st two weeks. Lowes and Home Depot, have hundreds of losing items. Barbers give haircuts at half price, so on, and etc.... They all have different factors driving them.

    I have never worried about taking business away from another LCO. I do not like it when they take one of mine, but, it is just how it is in any business. How many of us would still be doing this if we all had the exact same factors, like true cost, and a government agency that determined what we charged and how much we made and we were all equally the same at the end of the year?

    Free enterprise - do what you want or at least what you can afford payup

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