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  1. Right Way

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    i am trying to figure out what is fair to an owner of an Apartment community when it comes to pricing out turf and ornamental beds. Is it fair by the square footage or by the hour. If by the square footage what is the best price to charge.


    To throw a curve ball, this commercial property has 45 degree slopes all over the property. Some areas 50,000 square feet some as small as 9000 square feet. My concern is what would be a good piece of equipment when it comes to mowing such areas. SAFETY FIRST. Some other lawn maintenance and lanscape crews that I have talked to mentioned using a weed wacker with a guard on it. well time is money.If I have areas with 45 degree slopes that are over an acre my labor cost would go through the roof.

    Any suggestions
  2. keepoffthegrass

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    roll bar, 5 point harness, good insurance and uhh someone standing near by N' Get er done! :)
  3. tx_angler

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    45 degree slope? What did they cut it with last year? Most dams are only a 30 degree slope. I would definately look into that 5 point harness and roll bar.
  4. Right Way

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    one thing i forgot to mention is it is new construction so the turf and ornamentals are yet to be laid. The paved roadways and buildings are almost complete.
  5. South Florida Lawns

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    Those things are made for hills also hustler makes the ATZ which is very low to the ground and has a rollcage. I would figure out aprox. time that it will take to complete the job and go from there in calculating a price.
  6. timinkc

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    i know this has been talked about before, but a true 45% slope really can't be mowed safely with anything but a dedicated hill mower, and don't expect anything to do a tremendous job... i guess you could drive to the top, and then mow down the hill (as long as there's a flat spot at the bottom to stop in)... i've seen people use walkbehinds on hills, but i don't care what anyone says, a TRUE 45% slope can not be mowed with a ztr side to side... maybe only going down... but what a pain.
  7. stumper1620

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    more like only going up, unless you got a death wish. I'll take my z up damn near anything it will climb, going down thats a whole different story there is no way in he!! you can hold a z back or control it for that matter when going down a slope that steep. put your head between your legs and kiss your a$$ good bye. :D
  8. Right Way

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    For the pricing part of commercial lawn maintenance, it looks like i will have to price it out by the time it takes to do the job versus cents per square foot.
    With slopes like these it looks like it will have to be time versus square footage. Thanks for all the replies on my postings it seems like what ever i use for the slopes definately is going to take time and effort. Safety discussions are definately going to be talked about with the crew when it comes to mowing such areas.
  9. Tider6972

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    Can U post a picture of those cliffs, Right Way ?

    For the life of me, I cannot imagine this topography in Apopka! (not that I doubt you, I don't! just want to see them) .
  10. Todd's lawncare

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    Who's doing the install ??? See if he would go with stone or mulch on the slopes might save in the long run by not having to cut them every week yea no ???

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