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New Jersey
ToroKid1414 said:
Does anyone know the price of a Grass packer?
What's a grass packer?


LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
No idea. I've seen them in magazines before, but never one out in the field. About the best thing would be to do would be just contact them and find a dealer near you, or see if you can order one.


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ToroKid1414 said:
I have a Toro 2002 21" Personel Pace and a 1999 Toro SFS Stampted deck walk behind.

What size is the cut also whats the engine on it, is it hydro? how many hours

How do you like it becouse i just sold a 2003 or 2002 and it had no power and sucked and it was hydro floating deck TOP of the line (exept it wasnt Tbar)
I just bought it used a little over a month ago. It is a 44" SFS deck, gear drive with a Peerless 700-082 Transmission none of the gears slip but it some times looses traction on hills and tears the turf, i think it needs new tires because they are the originals (it was previously owned by a homeowner) and aren't turf saver tires. It cuts really well and has mulch blades on it, which need to be sharpened.