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  1. skurkp

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    Is anyone doing gutter clean-outs? I have been asked to do a couple and don't really know how to price them. I charge by the man hour at $25 per man per hour with a two hour min. Some people are ok and some freak out. How is everyone else charging for this?
  2. lawnboy dan

    lawnboy dan LawnSite Gold Member
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    i charge a flat rate of 10 $ if i have to get on the roof. use a hand blower-it only takes a few mins
  3. lawnwizards

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    that is way too low. we charge 1.00 per ft. that includes disposal. we charge $1.50 if its a 2 story house. what do you charge if you don't have to get on the roof? FREE?:p
  4. qps

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    This is how we do it.....let them get on the roof themselves if its too much...
  5. littlenic

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    This year my min. has been $65.00. I figure that it's worth that to get the latter off and risk falling off. If it's a big job, I charge 100 an hour if the roofs a 6/12 150 an hour for 2 story.

    Hope that helps, littlenic:waving:
  6. topsites

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    I'm with you... I don't do gutters due to fear of heights but around here the going rate is between 40-60 for single stories and 60 on up for 2 stories. I'd say average is 60-75 but these aren't the most current prices, just a guideline.

    Just for fun bit:
    I did learn one interesting thing over time - MONEY calms my nerves. It's true, if I HAVE to go up high someplace despite the fact I just TOLD the customer I don't do heights due to fear (well some insist), I learned to go up in price inside my head until the fear subsides (and it always does, lol, sooner or later). Most of the time I don't get the job lol, but I haven't had many people INSIST I climb after I tell them I don't do heights lately hehehe...

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