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  1. Shawninfl

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    Hello all,

    I would really like some feedback on pricing. There are three of us who just started our business a few months ago and we are still not sure if we are pricing too high or too low. We have called around to other lawn care and get either "we have to come to your property to give an estimate" or we get get really low and high prices compared to the ones we have set up.

    Generally - We are charging $40 for a mow, edge, and blow -
    we add on an extra 15 if they want hedges trimmed. 15 if they want beds weeded, etc etc.

    We are also getting into contract and have a few now with these same prices set up. We set up our monthly fee by guarunteeing to visit the property 26 times march through sep (our high growing season in st. augustine, fl) and then every other week oct through feb. Yes our grass still grows some in the winter!!!

    Please let me know if we are on track or way off base with our pricing.

    Shawn in FL
  2. J Hisch

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    I cant tell you either without looking at the properties, shrub trimming does seem low though. If you are not getting business then you are proabbaly too high, if you gettign everything then you are probably to low.
  3. Shawninfl

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    We just started in october and it has been somewhat slow. However, the few contract customers we have now said that 1) we were the cheapest they could find and 2) we were the only compnay that garunteed how many times we would visit thier property every year. We are putting together a big advertising blast for the next couple of weeks so that we can hopefully get more business as Spring comes about. Just want to make sure our pricing is on before we throw a bunch of doorhangers, brochures, etc out there!
  4. palawnman

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    Are you charging 40 for any size property? Maybe I misread it. But I definitely think that $15 for trimming hedges is very low, unless there is only one. Every market is different as far as pricing, so maybe I am wrong. Also I dont know if I would charge the same for weeding beds as trimming hedges. Unless the beds are really in bad shape, with trimming hedges there is equipment costs you have to factor in, pulling weeds is more just manual labor. $15 isnt bad for weeding beds as long as it done frequently enough that it doesnt get out of hand.

  5. Shawninfl

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    We generally are pricing $40 for an average size lawn - 5000 sq feet. My grandmother has a service and pays $35 (in the next city over - no license or we would do it), however, her service is unreliable and I told her to find another one even if it is more. The work we do is quality, I know that. We enclude in this cost edging of all sidewalks, driveways, decks, and beds.

    Thanks for the info on the hedges. I thought we were a little low on those myself. My opinion is if they are signed up with us to do maintenance and we are keeping a handle on them we charge less the same goes for weeding. If they only call us once in a while and pay as they go and every time we are there we are spending more time because of a lack of maintenance then I charge a little more. Mainly for time.
  6. ed2hess

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    The bush trimming price sounds okay but we have an initial charge in case they need a lot of shaping. Most services in our area would include the bushes for the $40 price.
  7. 29 Palms Property Management

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    For this area, $40 is right on for the 'average lawn'. Don't get screwed on the add on services though. Weeding could be about 13-17 an hour. I think your hedge trimming is a bit low though. Mine runs $35-$55 an hour for hedge and bush trimming, depending on height. I have about 7 accounts whose hedges are about 10-12 feet tall! I've had mostly good luck with this figure. Just be confident in what you quote and estimate. Stick to your guns and you'll be fine. Not everyone will be happy. You'll notice a big difference in this area this spring. Should have no problem with picking up accounts. Quality is everything!

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