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    I am fairly new to the Lawn Care buisness and have a question about how to price a property. The yard I need help with is extremely larger then any other yard that I have done before. I do not know the exact square ft. yet but I was just wondering how you guys price residential yards after they go from your average yard to a real large yard. I know the guy has money or he wouldnt have such a large house and property to begin with. Should this make a diffrence on my pricing. Oh yeah, he wants cutting, trimming, fertilization program, and aeration once a year.

    Thanks for the help.

    Zach Herndon
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    He didnt get his money just to give it away to the nice lawn guy for the hell of it. Just try to compare its size compared to some lawns you already do, and price accordingly.
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    Well the yard is about three times the size of any of my other yards. Thats why I was wondering, should I charge him three times the price. It just seems like I am going to be way to high. I DOnt want to be to high because it looks like an account that could really be lucrative in other areas such as bed mulching and possibly even picking up more large accounts in this area.

    Thanks for reply

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