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  1. Homeworks

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    first year getting into bigger properties-and have no real way to price bigger properties. Have read some threads and people seem to do it by a time basis-but when u really have no clue how long it would take to cut a big size lawn-i'm trying to do it by size.
    2 examples--
    1- 85,000 square foot lawn-wants 2 weed control + 4 fertilizers

    2 - 40,000 square foot lawn - same- but a little bit of hedges

    wants monthly quotes for each

    he wants then by next week - any help would be appreciated-thanks
  2. MysticLandscape

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    Well what do you have for equipment and try and get a picture of the sites...
  3. Homeworks

    Homeworks LawnSite Member
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    right now i only have 21's - but plan on buying a 36 or 48 walker for these jobs
    forgot to mention he also wants spring/fall clean ups included in the monthy quote

    the sites have few trees and fairly easy mowing - pretty wide open
  4. Jamesgateslandscaping

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    Your approaching 1 and 2 acres on each other'd be crazy to do it even with a 36 inch, start with atleast a 48 or even a 52 then have the push mowers for other things.
  5. Homeworks

    Homeworks LawnSite Member
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    thanks james- i'll take your advice

    its vital i get these contracts, i would like to build up some bigger properties.
    but 1 thing i cant figure out

    i've been reading many threads and it seems people say it takes at least an hour to cut a decently obstacle acre property, with trimming and blowing included (1 or 2 guys, i'm not sure???-i'm assuming 2) and they are also saying they charge anywhere from 70 - 40 an acre)

    for 1000sqft to 4000 sqft lawns i charge 25 - 30 doing 3-4 lawns in an hour = 100 - 120$

    but an acre that takes at least an hour i'm only getting 60- 70$ max and thats with more expensive equipment

    i thought bigger properties usually eq
  6. baddboygeorge

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    with a 21 incher get for real you must like working hard , long an for nothing. invest in the proper equipment an make a profit!! see ya George

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