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  1. jwlandscape/Lawncare

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    The most difficult part I find In starting my business is price point.I need some info on where to find this information......(ie.)lawn mowing,small landscape jobs,planting shrubs,stump removal etc.please help!thank you
  2. Frue

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    What do you need to pay the bills and grow a thriving business? Find out what it takes to pay the bills then you can build from there. Once you know per hour what you need to make then you can figure the rest
  3. jwlandscape/Lawncare

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    Thank you Frue..Makes alot of sense,I Have a good idea of what I need to make,I guess I can't Second guess myself, always a little nervious starting off a new business.
  4. fastcat

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    the best way to learn how to price a job is by experience. the more jobs that u bid on the better u know how to bid on the next. there will be some jobs that u do and wish u would have charged more on so the next time u know how to pricw it.
  5. jrush

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    I learned alot by talking with surrounding co's. @ the nursery I'll talk with the guys who know marketing/pricing etc. Hell, I talk with guys @ the gas station, @ the gym if they're wearing a company shirt. The biggest thing is you need to separate the b.s from truth. You also need to check your sources alot of guys on this site are'nt old enough to have a license, or are part time and are giving the guys with mortgages and families to raise advice.
    But the biggest thing I've learned is trust YOUR gut, YOUR instincts, do what YOU think is right. Another thing I've learned is NOT to ask pricing questions on this site, you get 100 dif answers, all swear they're right and everyone's wrong, and you never get any closer to an answer. Just a broad spectrum from low ballers to the big boys and everyone in between. I started with the b.s mentality, hell, if I don't do it another co. will. I've also learned to let the lowballers have the low paying jobs. They ALWAYS cause me the biggest headaches and always want sh*t 4 free, or have probs with the bill, etc. give those moth* f**kas to someone else! Sor so long, but it is what it is. Also, another way to ensure you get paid is have a min. When people call me and ask how much, I say I have to see your prop. but I have a $-- min. that also helps weed out the as*holes I don't want. Never give a price for a property you have'nt seen!
  6. mow2nd

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    Used to be $1.00 per minute. But I have a feeling that has gone up. I normally charge $75 an hour for labor plus materials. I also mark up materials, 2 to 3 times what I pay. I'm out of the mowing business now and have moved my business into the chemical side. To me you guys are just not charging enough. Too many low ballers. A lot more money in fertilizing, so I'll grow it and let you guys mow
  7. topsites

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    Another guide I've used before is to kind of figure how long it would take the home owner to do it, after all they called me for a reason, now once I figure that then I know the least it will cost them.

    It may sound stupid but it's not... Take an oil change for instance... They have to run to the store, pick up oil and filter, then do it. Hard as it may sound to believe it takes most DIY'ers right at 2 hours to go through the motions, at least 1 hour if they have the supplies already. Some folks think it only takes 15-20 minutes, but feel free to figure in oil disposal and all the cleanup too now, you know, from start to finish way I see things.

    Then figure about the cost of the supplies is 10-15, cost of car to-from store is 5-10 and labor is 5-10 or 15, welps, 30-35 dollars, whaddaya know, that's how much the mechanics charge :)

    It's a bit of a trick, not sure if it helps but I thought I'd mention it.
  8. jrush

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    learn too walk away when YOU give them a price and they say the last guy did it for $10 cheaper per time. Ya $5-10 per time does'nt seem like much, but add that up over the course of a month, Hell over the course of a season and see how much $ is out of your pocket. The people that want the world 4 free I never get spring and fall clean ups, pruning, plowing, etc.. out of. They want they're lawn cut every other week 4 the same price as a weekly acct. want it bagged 4 no xtra charge and could kiss my as*. Charge what your worth and can get, some guys would say a $40 min is crazy, and for that there are companies out there getting it.
  9. jrush

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    TOPSITES, I posted that same mentality in another forum and got torn up! Guys charge what they can for said job, if other guys charge less, theyre lowballers, they charge more theyre rip offs. It all comes down too what YOU charge 4 YOUR biz, in YOUR comunity. I don't xpect 2 get paid the same as a part timer in Washington as a full timer in CT!
  10. jwlandscape/Lawncare

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    Thank you all!!,It is nice to have and hear all the oppion on topics that are in questions,from there I will make the best decision on my location without short changing myself.
    Again thank you PJ

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