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    I have read many posts on here, spent numerous hours. I still can't seem to figure out any pricing. The easiest for me i suppose is by time such as 60 an hour, I have a time clock in truck and clock in and out on all residential jobs, customer pays accordingly.
    Most seem happy, You cant please everyone, esp if they are "clocking you" I just keep equipment moving and they can't complain. Commercial meaning, more so "realty yards" etc i have them on a lower price because of bulk. I charge fair but never lowball its my hard work they are stealing then. You might as well go back to work for the man. So anyone want to help me out and email me and contract structures, and pricing help. I would be grateful.

    I am usingthe new snapper mzm2300kh 23 horse kohler zero turn joystick steer pivot front axle 7 gauge deck nice mower 6500 bucks with deck in crate

    dont laugh at this cause we dont walk the new craftsman 40" zero turn 18 horse kohler is its partner 3200 bucks

    and 1 self propelled toro
    husqvarna trimmers and blowers

    thanks for this forum ive learned alot :eek:)

  2. Here are your requests.

    Search results for contracts and price structure.Click here

    So you are telling us you charge by the minute. that mean if a lawn takes you 35 minutes one time and the next it takes 44 minutes you charge acordingly. Explain more.

    I don't count realaty lawns as commercial.

    I don't give bulk price for realty co's

    Your price of $60 an hour is that for 1 or 2 guys?

    I will help but you have to be more spacific.

    I'm sure your proud of those mowers, but sorry not my brands.

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    Something you said made me curious. You said they don't complain unless they are clocking you. You don't by chance TELL them you charge by the hour do you? That # is for you to know only! You should be able to calculate the time it would take to sevice a lawn. Figure the price ( $60.00/hr is pretty good) and give it to them. The only time you should give them a per hour cost should be on those general labor jobs that can really vary.
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    pricing by the hour does not work (for mowing that is ) price by the 1000 sq. ft. and here is why.. if we both have a mower, you have a 60 inch lazer and i have a 48 walk behind. we both go to the exact same property, say 15,000 sq. ft. you mow it in 45 min. i then mow it in a hour and a half should we both make the same??? no. you have to remeber that you have 9,000 in your mower and i have 4,000 in mine if we were both get 60.00 hr. you would make 50.00 dollars for the above job and i would make 90.00 for it so if we both priced by the square ft. you would make more for it because you have a higher production mower than i do
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    you would make more for it because you have a higher production mower than i do

    thank you strick for the advice it seems in 3 replies 3 dont like the hourly pricing. Well thats why i'm in here askin the pros :confused: your right that by pricing by hour takes the productivity of my machines out of the equation we should make the same money, for same job but i would get it done in less time for instance. i think thats the only way to actually make more than you in a day, because of machine diff, not pricing diff.
    I like it. So what do you charge for 1000 sq feet i've seen, as low as 1.90 for 10,000 sq feet thats only 19 bucks hmmmmmmm
    I might have to take into consideration if i want each rig to make 60 an hour how many sq feet can i mow in an hour thats what would dictate my square foot charge. but then degree of difficulty needs to be factored in or is that factored in the 60 an hour. if your doing apartments 1000 sq feet can take some time with all the little ares and stuff. Looking forward hearing back form ya. if anyone else reads this that posted to me im working on writing back

    DSL DOC :blob3:
  6. For a 10,000 sq/ft lawn I would have aa set minimum of $25.

    As far as pricing buy the sq/ft, I ve been doing this long enough to get real close to it, might be off by less than 1000 squares on a large one.

    Mine is more time vrs. diffaculty.

    If you have 2 guys working together, I would try to get $100 an hour for both.

    With out seeing your operation in person, or you seeing mine it is hard to say exactly what to do.

    All my customers have a set price for mowing though out the year.

    Fert apps
    Spray apps

    Get a set price

    Any other jobs that have a verying time frame, they get a T $ M price. I charge by the man hour.

    I hope you are following.
  7. strickdad

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    ummmm well we have some prices as low as .95 per 1000 (five acre open field flat and easy) and some are as high as 5.00 per 1000 . (which is anything less than 5000 sq. ft. because we have 25.00 min.)
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    Price by the time it will take you or your crew to cut the prop. Set an hourly goal & price accordingly, taking into consideration not only size, but drive time, trimming difficulty, turf conditions, & expected weekly growth. Price only by time not area.
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    guess i have a few things to consider hmmmmm 2 guys 100 an hour hmmmmmmmmmmm ill do some more research and watch a few more threads.

    if euipment is paid for do you need to get 100 an hour for 2 guys
    would be nice but a base of 60 or so seems a good place to start

    I like the 25 min thing geez dont want to get off trailer for less if had a few on same street or whatever like my realty yards might be ok have like 20- within 2 trailer unloads 15 dollar yards take avg 10-15 mins to mow trim blow avg 60-90 an hour

    begining in the spring i should take on with new, and lost accounts im estimating 200 realty yards 50 country club style residential 50 misc for a 10 day rotation

    one thing i been playin with is the leaves and finding gutters is nice money we went in one neighborhood and offered a special they were all approx 2500-3500 sq ft homes gutter cleaning if 75% of the people on the block had us do this we could offer all 1 low price 125 bucks a pop seems we got them to go for it there were i think 17 houses we did in one area
    i rented one those hi lifts and had 2 guys blowing and 2 guys hosing i drove lift of course lololol we got them all done in 2 days
    cost me 300 lift laborers 4 guys 2 days 300 total 75 a day each
    200 new ladder 50 hose 850 and lunches call it 900 17 houses x 125 @ 2125.00 1100 dollar profit 2 days and own a ladder and hoses :eek:)

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    Doesn't matter if the equipment is paid for or not. If the equipment is paid for, you need to be generating the same amount of money so you can accumulate enough money to replace the paid for equipment when it wears out (or repair it).

    If I'm working with equipment that I have paid for I should get every bit as much as you working with equipment that you are paying payments on. The work is the same.

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