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    Just to see if everyone is on the same track with this pricing thing, I'd like to get four responses on the following. Please be honest and also provide basis for your figures. Here's the facts: 1 man - 58hr.s - plant material =(6 trees all under 7'(2.0-3.0&quot; caliper) - many 3 & 7 gal. shrubs (gardenias,azaleas,etc.) 6 15gal. shrubs - 4 flats flowers, plus a few other small plants) - with TOTAL costs of $3468.00. Just checking my figures against the majority here. Thanks all!<p>
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    Let me get this straight first....6 trees or 6 sticks? exactly how many shrubs? All this for $368?? I can't believe a 1&quot; tree 7' tall would be under $50 wholesale. Are you growing yourself?
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    That certainly sounds about on par as here in Kansas. I work for a nursery and thats about the same as they'd charge for a similar install. If your in a bigger city though that might be a little cheap.

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