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  1. shane-pa

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    Did one job. charged the customer $450 to basically scrub a 2 story house. some parts were green. two large porches were black. supposed to be gray. took myself and a helper 10 hours. another customer called. one story 25x50 house. she only wanted a simple spray. I said $200 on the high side and she said I am crazy. Am I crazy? any help would be appreciated.
  2. rywnygc

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    nope. I charge .16 per SF (for vinyl) and that comes right to 200.00
    Some people look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them the price. I then explain how my soft-wash is much different (and safer for their home) than just pressure washing.

    Cant win them all man, but at .16 per SF, I stay real busy.

    oh, and 10 hours is a very long time, what was the square footage? What type of machine? What house wash?
  3. Doug Rucker

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    Nope...not at all

    FCPWLLC LawnSite Senior Member
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    Done properly, that two story home, should have only taken one person, one hour.

    No you are not crazy for the $200 house wash price, I am higher than that and do a one stry ranch in 30-45minutes.

    It is the customer that is crazy thinking she should pay less to wash a House(value increases) than she probably spends each year washing her depreciating value car. ($10/wash/week x 52 weeks = $520/year)
  5. rywnygc

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    Great explanation Michael.
  6. Roof Cleaning Raleigh  NC

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    Holy crap Michael! Your wife washes her car 1/week? I bet your prices are higher having to support a wife like that!:wall :dancing:
  7. Dykstraoutdoor

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    200.00 for a 25x50 one story house is just right. 10 hours for 2 guys on a 2 story is way out of line. With our soft wash system we can wash the exterior of a 3500 sq ft house in under 4 hours, no matter how dirty, moldy and nasty it is.
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    i wouldn't touch a job that took 10hrs with 2 people for 450....sorry i just started doing power washing, and i underbid(in my opinion) the two small jobs i got and they still weren't that bad. one lady wanted her front steps power washed, and i said i could do it, haven't power washed anything ever before but figured it couldn't be that hard to do so i said i could do it, included in a shrub pruning, and bed prep job i did for 1000 dollars which with everything the whole job took 9hrs, the power washing took 2hrs because the power washer i was using is a partially broken and the nozzle is stuck on jet so i had to do 1/2 " at time. then the second job i did included it into the a 3100 dollar shrub pruning and mulch job i did, and these steps took about 1 hr and i told the guy it would be 150 to do his front steps. he instantly said include it, so i know i was cheap on that price but again the whole job shrub pruning, weeding, mulching, power washing only took 13hrs including, so that lady is crazy.
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    I think your $200 isn't so far out of line. I normally charge a little more than that.

    It takes more to operate than what meets the eye, and some people don't understand that, homeowners and business owners alike.

    The kids need shoes and lunch and it has to come from somewhere.

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