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    Went down to local dealer and got a price of 6840.00 for a brand new fastrak 2013 54", does that sound about right? I thought that was a little high but I have been wrong before. They also had a 2012 fastrak sd with the honda GXV 630 for 6000.00 with 0.5 hrs should I look at that. How good is that motor? I need a mower asap, I've always wanted a hustler but my Kubota dealer has the new ZG127E with 54" deck for 5299.00????
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    I'm thinking it's a Super Duty Fastrak and not a Fastrak. Model numbers correct mis understanding. Personally I love the marriage of the Honda with that unit and deck size. quite, smooth, and powerful.
    Either unit will be the very last unit you will ever have to buy. If I had the yard I would toss a coin for the machine.

    Brian O
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    I just bought a 2013 Fasrak SD 54" for $6300 OTD if that helps you on pricing? If you are close to another state line call dealers there to save on taxes. I bought mine in KS with no tax to out of state residents. Oklahoma is the same way.
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    I went ahead and bought mine for 6500 OTD with Kawi FX730 motor
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