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    Have done smaller tree removal in the past but now have a client that is expanding is business and has 6 pecan trees that need to be taken out. I have not done anything of this size yet and am needing some advice on how to charge him. I cant lay them down so I figure I will rent a boom lift to take it down piece by piece. The tallest one is approx. 85ft tall. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Sub it out to a tree company
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    Give it to a tree company and make your percentage.
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    That's what I do. Sub it out and get my percentage. My brother works for a tree company and I have found his boss some work. In return he uses me to repair any ruts that his chipper, stump grinder, crane etc that they may make on the customers lawn. Everybody is happy in the end. It is nice to have that in the winter when the grass isn't growing.
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    Or if you want to expand this type of work into your business you could just get some additional insurance find a climber and pay him for his help hourly, then you could eventually get your own gear and have him teach you the ropes.
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    Always sub it out. I have a relationship with a local tree company and we always throw each other business.
  7. jwklaudijr

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    I own a Tree Service in South Jersey and we have relationships with many landscaping companies like yours. Tree Removal can be tricky and as I'm sure you are aware VERY DANGEROUS. If you are not equipped to do the work than then don't. Im sure a local Tree Service would be happy to take on the job and pay you a percentage.

    Joe Klaudi
    E-Z Tree Care

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