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    I have a cleanup job to bid on and was wondering what to charge? It's going to take a solid 6 hours maybe a little more and will take 1 load to the dump. I'm going to rent a dump trailer to help with the man hours of unloading it. That will cost around $95 for the weekend. I will be getting up a lot of leaves and sticks that have fallen and doing some hard pruning and take out one cypress tree. Any ideas what someone would charge to do this? I want to be fair to get more work from him. But don't want to not make any money.
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    if its going to take 6 hours. I normally figure in about 60$ an hour if u have one guy helping you. u cant really add the 95 for the trailer. its not his fault u don't have one. pay your help 9-10$ an hour and it will save u money and just use a utility trailer and throw a long strap in first and lay all brush on top of it then when u get ready to dump tie the strap off on top and drag it off with a chain against a tree or a tractor make sure strap is about 20 ft long it comes out easier than u think I have beendoing this for years
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    make sure the biggest limbs are in bottom of trailer on the strap so it has something to wrp around and normally it will drag the rest out. if found it is almost like Velcro!
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    I wonder what a 10 or 20 yard roll off is "dropped" on site? When we do storm damage down here in Florida, many times we just have a roll off dropped. Then you're loading it, touching it one single time. Then you don't have to hump it to the dump. And you can show the cost of the roll off as a line item on your proposal.
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    Can't charge someone for equipment rental? Take that rental price and markup and don't forget labor to pick up and drop it off at rental place. It would be very stupid not charged for all your costs and marking them up on any job. On commercial jobs I need extra equipment, I sure ain't eating those costs...
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    $95 rental for a dump trailer for one load doesn't seem worth it. You could spend a long time unloading before you get to $95 in labor.

    Ps I disagree about not charging the customer for the rental. You're a business, you pass all your costs on to the customer that's how business works. If you owned the trailer I would hope you charge them for the use of specialty equipment.
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    You absolutely charge and markup everything, including rental equip, 20% in pretty standard, your in this to make money, your crew rate should be around $90/hr for two guys. The WM bagsters work well if you don't have to awful much debris but if your doing a LOT of debris removal get a dumpster, and touch it one time.Don't bother making multiple trips to the dump it's a waste of time and wear and tear on the truck and trailer you probably don't need at this point. You might as well charge for 8 hrs labor $720, plus a WM bagster marked up 20% Your looking at $900- $1000 to be safe.
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    I'd charge $360+ $60 for the helper. I wouldn't have any dump/rental fee's. I have the equipment and a place on my property to dump. So $420 and depending on the tree I may charge more.
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    $60 for the helper? where's your markup on his labor? that should be $360x2 for labor.

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