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    I wish I had pics of this. I do the same thing and its as fast as a dump trailer. I put down a 16' cable on the floor before loading then when loaded I use a shackle and make a slip joint/knot. I then use a second 16' cable to attach this to an anchor at the grinding station and drive out from under the load. Unhook cables, weight out and pay. On a good day I can do this faster than a electric over hydraulic trailer can dump and drop its bed. The cost is 2 cables and 2 shackles.

    Pricing 6 hours and $40/hour/guy plus a $100 dump fee. Total $580. That is what I would charge. I can say this that I can fill a 16' landscape trailer in 3 hours by myself with brush. That's cutting, dragging from the back to the driveway and then loading/strapping down. I'm not sure why you would need 12 man hours for a single load or will it be several?
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    Without actually seeing the scope of work involved we're only guessing.
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    So you're paying your helper in cash with no tax, not making a profit on your employees labor and not billing for use of your equipment or dump? Solid business plan.

    That said any guess at price without seeing the site would be just a guess
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    Exactly! My estimate was based off info I was given, and even then it's just a guess! Some of the prices I see on here are why some of these guys end up going under. Even if I was paying a helper cash for a day it's going to be more than $60,geez!

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