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    I have experience in the land maintenance field but it has been as a worker, never a boss! I am starting out on my own as a small part time deal. My real job is a firefighter and I am looking to supplement my income with my land maintenance business. So my question is, what is the best way to price out a job? By time, by size or is it just a gut feeling? I don't want to get taken for cheep prices and yet I don't want to take my customers either. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    well i myself r just starting out and from what i can see some people go by size and so go by time i myself go by time i figured out what i would like to make an hour and figure out how long a yard or job is going to take me and and thats how i came up with my price;)
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    For pricing ideas I would do a search of past posts and threads. The search button is at the top of the screen (in blue). If you cannot find what you need there, then any specific question is much easier to answer, but in a broad sense, do a search first get information and as many answers.

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