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    I have been reading a lot about low balling on pricing here lately. I charge $25.00 for 60 x 100 lot. $30 for corner lots and somtimes $35.00 to $45.00 for cul de sacs. I figure about $25.00 an hour is enough to make a living. I have seen others able to get more but I seem to have a hard time getting more than that. I think what I charge is a fair price for me and the homeowner.
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    First of all welcome to Lawnsite.

    Second...Loose the annoying Java webpage.

    Charge what you feel you can make a decent living on. Different areas bear different price structures.

    $25/hr is NOT enough to make a living.....ANYWHERE.

    However $25-30 for a 6K sq/ft lot isn't that far off. On the cheaper side, but not lowballish.

    Good luck
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    $25 an hour wouldn't cover my expenses/overhead must less trying to live on...I think I would go and find another line of work.
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    I welcome you to Lawnsite too.

    I have to agree that your webpage is a little over done don't get me wrong I like it but you state in your web page that you do an avaerage yard for 25 dollars and I would call you if you gave all that is advertised on your services page for 25 dollars, you list 6 services you will do for that price. Just a little constructive critisism I hope you don't get offended. I personally would not put an average price cause then I am stuck with that price. There are alot of thing that I take into considerartion when I go out and price a yard I never tell my prices in advance. Here are a few things that I take with be to bis a job. My number one tool is a maesuring wheel, that way I get an accurate measure of the property. I always look like a professional nice slacks and a polo shirt, if you have your logo it would be better. Asked question on why their last Lawn Service left or have they ever had lawn service. Look at how much trimming is invloved, what your angles are and most important ask about animals. I hope you can see that there is alot of informantion you need before you can say I will mow an average yard for 25 dollars. Tell you prospective customers that you are fully insured and licensed and if you not please do so, but than you have been in your business for six year as your web page says so I am sure you are. ther was a post not to long ago that gave a pretty good formula to use. This is good industry and this is good website to learn and grow from once again welcome to Lawnsite .com. Oh I am from Texas as well, but I hang my hat in Tennessee. I hope that you business is very successful Good Luck and GOD SPEED!!!!


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    hi my question is why does it take you an hour to cut such a small lawn.

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