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  1. JR3Services

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    first of all- hi!
    I'm new to all this and just started a mowing business this year.
    A lady called me to mow her yard, after the last people let them hanging.
    The yard is approx 4.2-4.4 acres. A app I have says that should be a $200 yard
    I'm scared that they will turn that down but I'm not sure how to price it. It has a lot of trees to trim around (50+). Just mowing and trimming.
    Would 160-180 be a fair price??
    Located in a Michigan
    Thank you.
  2. marcusmac99

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    How much is your time, equipment usage, expenses and profit margin worth?
  3. JR3Services

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    I'm only doing this part time so profit margin doesn't need to be huge. But I need to make money. I was figuring at most $20 in gas so that would leave 140-160 on the table. For equpment and my time. Idk I just feel bad like I'm ripping people off. I make $20 an hour at my work so I always figure that is the least I can make for my time when I mow.
    I know I'm probably stupid
  4. sbronemann

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    If they want it mowed, they will have to pay fair price to have it done. Or, they can buy their own equipment and their own time to do it themselves. Those are their two options really. Never feel bad about your pricing unless you are pricing a lot of properties and not getting any takers. Then you need to rethink. 4.2-4.4 is a big lot, especially with a lot of trimming. I know trimming doesn't use much fuel or equipment, but a lot time.
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  5. Gumplawn

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    4 acres is a lot of yard. The last thing you want to do is take it for too cheap and dread it every time it comes up but feel obligated because that's the price you gave. I have a yard I do for $90 that should be a 140-160, it's a widow ladies yard and I had been friends with her husband and she contacted me about it right after his death so I gave her a deal because I felt bad for her situation. Now a few years later I dread that yard every time it comes around because I make terrible money and it's my worst yard to do on top of that. My point is there may be a reason the last guy left them hanging, that's often what happens when someone bids it too cheap and it's more work than anticipated. Don't feel bad for making money.

    GRANTSKI LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Sure $20 he is ok for your time as long as you add another $20hr cost of running your business. Actually a "side" business could have a lower profit margin - because you have less weekly income to absorb your business costs.
  7. AL's

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    You paying taxes?

    What about insurance?

    How long is the yard gonna take?

    Is it weekly or biweekly?
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  8. mowingnohio

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    I do $60 for the first acre and $40 for each additional. I would be at $190-$200 if there was no crazy obstacles, normal amount of trimming, no bad slopes, no ditches or any other extra work. Also that is my weekly price. Bi-weekly would be closer to $300.
  9. JMK26

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    You can't compare your $20 job to this.....The owner of the company you work for is billing clients at $70+ an hour so he can pay your $20 an hour. Same thing can't compare the two.
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  10. Wes Parker

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    Why don't you tell her you don't want to over charge her and if she will let you cut it 1 time you will be more able to give her a fair price. Plus she can see your work. In 25 years I have never had anyone to turn down that offer.
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