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  1. scottb

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    Ok maybe you guys can help with some advice, Just getting started. I have a Toro Proline 48" cut walkbehind. I have a figure of 30.00$ an hour. Basicaly I have been told by others around here( Mooresville NC) that I cant afford to unload the mower for less than 30.00$. How do I price for basic mowing triming. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. This is also a booming area Resideatial and Commerical. How do I break down my pricing to my customers.
    Thanks in advance for any advice.
    Scott Brumley
  2. KirbysLawn

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    Scott, welcome to the forum. I live near Monroe, NC. Email me your phone number and I can give you a call. Can you drive to local meetings once a month in Charlotte?

    Ray Kirby
  3. thelawnguy

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    "Basicaly I have been told by others around here( Mooresville NC) that I cant afford to unload the mower for less than 30.00$"

    Just because the competition has high overhead, doesnt mean you do too. Once you know what your real costs are (I mean everything, unless you are sure the New Truck Fairy will leave something under your pillow every few years) add that amount to whatever you decide you need or want to make for a draw and profit.

    I think the others really said THEY wouldnt unload for that.
  4. plymouthvaliant73

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    Always price by the job, not by the hour. Do not tell your customers what you get by the hour. Do not break down your pricing, one price for everything. In addition to your hourly rate you've got to add for your overhead and profit. Figure out a minimum charge for small jobs. Add a percentage to your estimates to cover yourself for mistakes and the unexpected. You will make some mistakes and learn from them, pretty soon you can look at a job and price it accurately.
  5. scottb

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    Thanks for the advice guys,and lawnguy that is what they said ( not less than 30.00$)but I think I can do most jobs for less. Was just hoping you could send me in the right direction on how to price and why. For now this is part time but I hope to take it to full time in a couple of years.
  6. jrblawncare

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    Welcome Sottb,just want to add to the above,please don't give your services away just to get work....It hurts all of us in the long run!!
  7. Charles

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    Scott, you cant do jobs for less than that and make a good living. You can think about it all you want. But you can't do it. You can even dream about it. 30$ is even low. You want to live in poverty just go ahead and try it to do it for less. Now I say this assuming you are going to run a legal professional operation. I am familiar with the NC season and climate. I don't care what you cost are. You have to make a mininum per hour per day to make a good living. Even if yourcost are at a minimum. Even if you are living in a trailor park
  8. scottb

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    Thanks again guys,I need all the help I can get. From talking to friends there is plenty of work for all around here. When I think of what I would charge to mow my lawn I wouldnt do it for less than 80.00$ and it takes an hour and 15 minutes wth my Toro. 2.5 hours on my 38" Lowes. So I guess 30.00$ isnt a bad starting point.
  9. syzer

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    Yeah I'm in the same boat difficulty charging, just came back from my first estimate yesterday. After i left I thought i was way high. Today went back talked to the customer, got home and got a message on the machine that i got the account. $55.00 a week for a 9060 sf lawn. Upper to middle class neighborhood. Good luck, and stay high.
  10. LoneStarLawn

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    If all LCOs had high or reasonable rates (no lowballing) then the market would be higher for our work. The better off we all will be. Always base your rates on what you deserve...take in advice for pricing but the final decision is yours. Go gett'em.

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