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    can anyone give us information on pricing out lawn care using contracts. how do they work ( contracts) how to lean your homeowners to a contract. talking to other men in the business there pricing veries so much depending who you talk to. whats a fare price for my area??? some tell me anywere from $ 35 to $75

    now you know i would love to charge the $75
    we live in a med size town statesboro georgia.

    can anyone help???cliperbob
  2. Rustic Goat

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    What ????????

    Depends on size of lot, how much trimming, ease of access, etc.

    The $35.00 figure you mention, MIGHT be a good 'normal' target to shoot for.

    Depends greatly on the economics in the particular area your bidding in. Not just what town, but in some cases the economics of a particular neighborhood.

    Reality check for what price YOU are going to charge.
    Don't start out trying to decide how much you CAN charge.
    FIRST, figure out a very real COST of your doing a job.
    Please don't think -I'll spend about $2.00 in gas, so I'll make X.-
    Live and work real. On this site, check for a thread by Eric Elm, "Tips for beginners" or something like that.

    Check 'store' on this site for contracts and other forms. Also do some searches here for 'contract(s)'.

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