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    This has probably been asked many times,but,how do you all price your bids? I mean you go to a prospects site,look at the job,how do you come up with a price. What is the going rate nowadays? I am in Mi,if that makes a difference,and usually things need to get mowed once a week. We usually will trim and blow. It is just my son and me. I have priced jobs to whatever I thought was fair,but would really like to know some formulas,for may size,time,effort needed? I don't know. How do you price your jobs?
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    Lawnsite standard response #4. Do a search, this has been talked to death in the past.
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    Eventually we'll run out of topics to talk about so it would help to just reply instead of just telling him to do a search..(but I understand your point)..especially since there is alot of new people on here...I for one would like to hear the new people's ideas.

    I for one base my price on obstacles, acreage, mileage, (miles to job) plus time (time I think it will take to perform the job). I try to estimate at about 40 man/hr of labor using equipment and 20 man/hr for hands on labor (no-equipment).

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