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  1. lawnman_scott

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    I have a pricing question. here is the stiuation. A small simple yard, that only wants basic service. Cut, edge, weedeat, and blow. I do accounts every week in summer, and every other in winter. It takes about 8 min drive time, and about 12 min to mow, for 2 man crew. Is $140 a month about right for this lawn? I am in clearwater/St Petersburg FL. There are no hedges, and no spraying roundup in the beds or anything like that.
  2. DennisF

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    That's $35.00 per service for a total of 20 minutes (drive time included) or $1.75 per minute X 60 minutes = $105 per hour or $52.50 per man hour. That sounds like a good rate for that area of Florida. I live north of you in Citrus County and here we can't get much more that about $40.00 per man hour. If you can get the account at that rate I say jump on it. Good luck.
  3. Ryan Lightning

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    Id be lucky t get a $100, for that around here. For $140, Id probally be doing the bushes(if there was any), spraying weeds, ect.
  4. lawnman_scott

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    anyone else?
  5. lawnman_scott

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    So 8 min drive time, and 12 min to do the lawn with a 2 man crew is 40 min per cut. 42 cuts per year times 40 minute per cut is 1680 minutes per year. At $60 per hour, or $1 per minute that we hear so much about, you get $1680 per year. Divide by 12, and you come up with your monthly price of $140. Unfortunatly, you cant get that in Clearwater FL, Homosassa FL, or wherever in CA that ryan is located. Im just trying to figure out where you can actually get that. Out of 130 people that veiwed the thread, no one said the price was right. I would get about $70-85 for this lawn.
    The point of the thread is to show that just because you dont charge $1 per minute, your not a lowballer. You can make what the market will bear.
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    I love it! You've proved a very good point. Now, when I read a post by someone from up north saying they won't even drop their gate for less than $35, I can just go outside and enjoy the sunshine.
  7. 2 man crew

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    Hey now,
    I live up north and we've been known to drop the gate for $30.00. As long as no one is lookin. :D
  8. lawnman_scott

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    Well if your looking for $1 per min, you wont drop the gate on this one for less than $40. So i want to hear about these $25-30 minimum properties.
  9. lawnman_scott

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    anyone else have an opinion?
  10. Rhett

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    Wow! If I could pull 40 like that a week life would be soooo good. Around here that is a 25 or minimum job of 20. They really do not care how long the drive time is as there are 100 other guys that would like to serve the property. If it is more than a couple of minutes from my other accounts I know that there is no way I can compete.

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