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    I have a bid to do on a residential piece. It is going to take approx. 60 yards of mulch. The owner wants to purchase the mulch and have it delivered and then I would come over and spread it. Most of it will go into large beds without a lot of plants. I can use a small lawn tractor with a trailer to haul it from the pile to the beds. Any ideas on how to price this?????????
  2. bayfish

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    Moving mulch that way will be time consuming. I would estimate about 1 hour per yard to spread it times your hourly rate. If there is any bed prep. or edging add that too.
  3. DJL

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    for the labor I'd start at $35/hr/man. If equipment is being used factor that in also.
  4. MudslinginFX4

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    Wow, your gonna be tired of mulch if your moving it all by yourself. I suggest getting some people to help you and pay them accordingly.
  5. Flipperneck

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    If I were going to do it I would used two double wheelbarrows and pick up 2 mexicans and pay them $6 per hour 60 X $35 = $2100 2 ten hour days 20 X 2 X 6 = $240 and you are left with $1860 for 2 days work. Thats what I'd do.
  6. mow2nd

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    I don't think it takes an hour to spread 1 yard. A yard is only 1 bucket, from a front in loader. I think you could do 4 yards per hour with 2 guys. One year working on a golf course we mulched every bed on the course.......took all winter.

    Anyway, You could use wheelbarrels or a small bobcat to move mulch around, then hard racks and pitch forks to spread.

    I bet you can knock this out in 20 hours for $1,500-$2,000

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    THANKS!!!! 'Ya'll's ideas are really helping. I just started in this business and I'm kinda learning by trial and error. My first job so far was 40 yards of mulch. I had to haul it myself (1/2 ton p/u and small trailer) and spread it. I priced it at mulch cost X 2 for total job price. It came to $1500 ( 750 for the mulch and 750 for the labor). I learned a lot off that one!! I think I cut myself a little short on that deal.

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    mow2nd .
    u wanna do all my mulch jobs? Do your homework a yard is not one bucket. It takes about 2 hepping 72" buckets. 60 yards is almost a semi load. With wheelbarrels you are looking at about 4-5 days.

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    I hope I figured the yards right. I used the square footage divided by 100 post I saw earlier. The customer said that the last time he bought mulch, it took 2 large dump truck loads. He didn't say if they were tandems or not.
  10. specialtylc

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    Thats a pretty small bucket you are using. Around here the bark places use a loader with a 2 yard bucket at least.

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