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:confused: How do all you guys judge time and all the factors u take into consideration when pricing a property your going to be cutting/trimming/edging/& blowing off?? Is there a standard per/hour cost for plain old mowing ( ex.. an open field) And do u guys charge for how long u think it'll take, or the square feet of the property? and why?;)


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trial and error. eventually you'll get the hang of it and be able to eyeball the yard and give a good price... i'm still learning and sometimes it bites me in the ass.


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I have a minimum cost which a lot of yards fall into, and then the rest I am able to look at and figure out how long it will take us. It comes from doing literally hubdreds of yards and also learning the hard way when I started out. Keep in mind it is always better to over bid then to underbid.

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Eyeball it. nothing less than $20, and shoot for $25 on the very small ones. I am yet to land a bid over $35 per week, dont know why, but i always want to low-ball at the last second just to get the account, and oh does it hurt like a MO-FO when it ends up taking twice or thrice as long as initially projected. Be careful when bidding and actually walk of the lawn


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quad cities
You have to have a minimum dollar amount to get out of the truck, also alot of other variables, what size mower deck? How fast do you mow, with your W/B or your Z? meaning sq. footage per hour. How much crap in the yard to trim around? Hills, trees, swing sets,etc. Alot of trial and error, don't cut your own throat thinking you won't get the job if you don't give them the world for a couple of bucks, I'd rather bid a little high, run the risk of not gettin the job, then being sorry you got it a year!!!

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